USA Congressional Leadership

(1). Properly identify the current Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Majority Whip, and Minority Whip from both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
House of Representatives current Majority Leader is Erick Cantor (Republican) and House Minority leader is Nancy Pelosi (Democrat).
Kevin McCarthy (Republican) is the House Majority Whip while House Minority Whip is Steny Hoyer (Democrat).
Senate Majority Leader is Nevada`s Harry Reid (Democrat) while Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is the Republican Senate Minority Leader.
Majority Whip/Assistant Majority Leader is Dick Durbin (Democrat) from Illinois. The current Assistant Minority leader/Minority Whip is Texas` Republican John Cornyn.
(2). Define and describe the functions of those primary leadership positions.
Functions of Majority Leader:
* Majority Leader of the House is next to the speaker in Party`s structure and is not in the order of presidential succession.
* Powers and dominance depend on the style and authority of the Speaker of the House.
* Majority Leader of the House in conjunction with the Speaker and party`s whip is responsible for scheduling legislation for consideration of the floor.
* The majority leader also helps plan routine, weekly, and yearly legislative agendas
* Consult with members to assess sentiment on issues
* Urges members to support or frustrate measures on the floor of the house
* Works to advance the majority party`s goals
* In the current Congress, Majority Leader has been majorly responsible for scheduling the House Floor legislative calendar and management of all committees of the House.
Functions of Minority Leaders:
* Serves as the leader of the floor of the opposition party.
* Usually assisted by a party whip or a number of whips
* Counterpart to Majority Leader
* Sometimes work with majority leader of the majority party to make sure that provisions critical to the welfare of his/her party is included in legislation which can only happen if it can be accomplished without appearing to jeopardize the interest of the majority party.
Function of Senate House Majority Whip and Minority Whip
* They are the second in hierarchy of the party leadership in U.S Senate. Their main role is to gather votes on major issues.
* The role of the whips is to impose party discipline on votes seen to be important by the leadership of the party and to make sure that members do not vote against the stand of the party leaders.
* The whip may act as the floor leader in case if the floor leader is not present.
(3). State how many leadership positions there in fact are in both the House and the Senate. List all of the leadership roles.
There are ten leadership positions in both Senate and House of Representatives. The current House and Senate leadership are listed below. This is the 113[th] Congress which remained almost similar to the 112[th] Congress due to the unchanging political role of the parties in both houses.
Senate Leadership Positions
President of the Senate: (U.s Vice President)-Joe Biden (Democrat)
Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid (Democrat)
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell (Republican)
Senate Party Whips:
Democratic Party Whip: Richard Durbin
Republican Party Whip: John Cornyn
House of Representatives
Speaker of the House: John Boehner (republican)
House Majority Leader: Eric Cantor (Republican)
House Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi (Democrat)
House Majority Whip: Kevin McCarthy (Republican)
House Minority Whip: Steny Hoyer (Democrat)

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