The affordable care act ACA, signed into law by president Obama claims to make healthcare more affordable by providing health insurance cover for persons who would otherwise not qualify for cover such as children with preexisting conditions (Obama care facts 2013). From a historical perspective, this act could increase the cost of health coverage to the highest level ever. In the long run, some lower and middle income earners will not afford private insurance cover while small businesses might close down due to the burden of health cover. Ethically is beneficial in the short run it provides better healthcare and is accompanied by the patient`s bill of rights which was not existent before. Also provides cover for patients with preexisting conditions. In the long term, these benefits cannot be sustained among the lower and middle income due to the high costs hence it will deny them access to coverage.
The lower and middle income earners will have to be sensitized about the ills of the act which some of them are not aware. This is because the act concentrates on making coverage accessible to many people without actually lowering the cost. It does not only affect the cost of health but also threatens to weaken the economy further through job cutting and increased government debts (Whitehouse.com, 2013).
Health insurance coverage is not accessible if people cannot afford it. By forcing insurance firms to provide cover to the sick people, the cost is spread out to all people making it more expensive to all people. However, changing this act could mean that the sick are not covered and innocent children with preexisting conditions cannot access coverage (Whitehouse.com, 2013).
The abolition of this act could mean that health is affordable to all and that small businesses would function normally and create more jobs without the health coverage burden. The low and middle income earners, with some searching for jobs would benefit. Therefore, there is a need to reform healthcare in the US but the ACA in its current form will only increase the cost of healthcare to insurance firms which will be passed down to majority lower and middle income consumers (Whitehouse.com, 2013).
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