TITLE * MERGEFORMAT Software Requirements Specification

This SRS illustrate the specification and requirement of Goods Eats ERP
system. Software Requirement Specification explains the Enterprise
Resource planning, the design constraint, interface details and
performance characteristics. The Software Requirement Specification is
aimed or targeted to be used by Good Eats Incorporated owners and
The main intention of Enterprise Resource Planning system is to link
region warehouses, local stores supplies and the headquarters. The
management require that a tracking inventory system tracks each delivery
service, online shopping, and the sale in every store’s cash register.
It is expected that each ware house will use the inventory system to
pass communication between the region warehouse and its suppliers. A web
interface will be used by the headquarter to access ERP system and use
it in acquiring the sales data of all local stores and the for getting
data on customer community and reports on marketing.
Cluster/Cluster Computing
Clustering mainly involves the connection of more than two computer with
an aim of exploiting combined resource and computation power. Cluster
works as integrated resource collection, which provide single system
image straddling for all its nodes. In application processing clustering
is considered as popular strategy since it transparently extends the
different jobs processing throughout the clusters, additionally it is
applied in high performance such as nuclear simulation, AI expert
system, and the scientific calculation
The quality of service maximizes utility by meeting uses wants
Computational Economy
Computational economy this refers to act of including jobs to
user-specified QoS parameters his is done in order to base the resource
management to a user-centric approach instead of a system-centric
approach. The significance of this is that user constraint for example
budget and deadline are prioritized in determining jobs by Good Eats
Incorporation rather than the use of system policies such as making jobs
orders on the submission time basis
Grid Computing
This is infrastructure that combines resources such as software,
computers printers and scanners across internet, presents them as a
single resource that is unified and integrated that can be used widely.
In other words grid computing means using a grid to process jobs and
Graphical user interface
Open-source software
This is a software in which the code is available for research use
Homogenous cluster
Homogenous cluster is a cluster that contains nodes or work station with
uniform traits such same hard disk space, same memory and thus run on
the same operating system.
Process Migration
This is the moving of a job to different computers without having to
restart the job from the start.
Sequential Jobs
Sequential job ought to be run on single node without splitting into
separate jobs.
Basic issues that SRS will be used to address in Goods Eat Incorporated
The nature of SRS is that it is specification for a program or set of
programs which executes certain functions in particular environment. The
sub-clause 4.4 recommends that both customer representative and
suppliers. In this regard the following issues are addressed by SRS in
Goods Eat Inc
Functionality this is what the software is intended to do
External interface this involves how

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