The Organizational Culture
Organization culture is key to the success of any business, the norms, beliefs and values that a particular organization embraces at any particular time is important in that it binds together its employees. This makes the employees to remain focused and committed to the mission and vision of the organization. It is the organization culture that makes an organization to be unique and different from the rest. It is the organization culture that gives a specific organization its identity. The organization culture is built by the management. The top level management sets the pace and it is from this that the rest of the employees learn from. The goals of the organization have to be clear. The managers have to lead the rest of the employees in the direction that the organization tends to achieve. It is therefore important yo sustain the organization`s culture for it to achieve the set goals.
The organization`s culture cannot therefore be assumed in whatever project that the organization undertakes (Jameson, 2005). It is therefore important at any given time for the organization to retain its identity through the way that it conducts business. It is however important for the organization not to be too rigid in the way it conducts its business. It is therefore important for the organization to embrace technology and the current order trends in order to maximize its returns. An organization also has to embrace diversity when employing its employees. It is important to hire people of different talents and also encourage freedom of expression among them. This will encourage creativity and innovation in such a company something that will obviously maximize the returns.
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