The Odyssey The odyssey

The odyssey is a famous poem by a great poet known as Homer. The setting is in the early days of the great Trojan War. The poet describes the condition of the city where the poem is set as hostile and full of immoralities. The fall of the kingdom through invasion by foreigners makes people be taken to captivity. Among those take to captivity is Odyssey who leaves behind his wife and child. After the Trojan War many expected Odyssey to return to his home, which does not happen. It is thought that he may have died in the battle field. Many suitors try to woo the heart of Odyssey`s wife who is single at the moment the poem is set. She rejects many proposals.
Renaissance is a period in history accompanied by the rebirth of nations. It was a period in history that took place in Europe and other parts of the world at different times. In Europe, it marked the rebirth of the culture of Greeks and Romans who were residing in Italy and outskirts of England. It was a period marked by great persons like Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli and Michelangelo. Proponents of the renaissance attribute the modern advancement in the field of politics to this period of renaissance. Scholars from Middle East opposed the concept of renaissance as a source of political and economic empowerment. They claimed that advancement in the two fields were not attributable to the renaissance period.
Women role and status in the society is a paramount factor for the development. The empowerment of women evolved during the time of the renaissance. Women benefitted from the renaissance period in all scopes. Those places where women faced opposition included the area of patronage. They were not allowed to hold money at any given time of their lives. The rise of women came from their interest in the works of art which they embraced. Men take advantage of women`s inferiority complex especially in their position in the society.
The poem is set up in the modern Greece republic. It revolves around the life of a young boy who is struggling to survive after his father is thought to be dead. The writer opens the curtain of the poem by stating the position of the boy`s father in the society. Many thought Odyssey was dead in the battle field. This essay expounds on the plight of both men and women in ancient Greece and how they related with each other.
The poem portrays a woman as an object meant to entertain the man. It is also revealed that a woman could not make a decision on her own without consulting her husband. This is clearly shown when the suitors approach Penelope and her refusal to marry them. She claims that she had to wait for the husband to come back. This character of a woman is faithfulness and hope for the good (Francis 2010). Penelope abides to the promises she made to her husband when they were marrying. Men downplay the position of women in marriage and love affairs.
Odysseus faces many challenges in the foreign land after the battle. Having spent more than ten years in the battle field, Odysseus amazes many people who think he is dead. He uses other ten years to trace back his way home. The character depicted by Odysseus is that of a courageous warrior (Francis 2010). He also portrays the importance of determination. During his journey, he gets enlightment in many fields of life like spiritual. There is opposition for him to get back home. He uses the tricks, and the strength he gains from the spiritual beings who communicate with him.
The author portrays the aspect of gender in the entire epic. It is noticed that, the gender of a person affected their roles in society. It also affected the way inheritance will be done in case of the death of a husband. Odysseus arrives in his home country only to find some suitors who want to marry his wife. A battle erupts between him and the suitors. This is the last act of love for him towards his wife. He fights courageously to regain the kingdom and finally he wins the battle. Religion is given an important place in this society and accorded respect. The hero of the story consults the living dead for wisdom on how to handle the battle. The divine consultation plays a great role in the development of the theme of religion (Francis 2010)
The most interesting sentence in the poem is where women are portrayed as puppets for their men. This is clearly shown by the kind of education they received and also its benefits. The author brings out the historical perception of the female education and compares it with their male counterparts. The concept is of importance to me in the understanding the view of renaissance and its benefits to the women. Plight of female characters is pathetic in the entire plot of the poem. Men are portrayed as greedy-selfish creatures from their actions. A man can move outside the marriage life and indulge in other affairs.
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