The importance of food to our body and health

Food is a substance which is consumed in order to offer nutritional
requirements to the body. The food consumed can be in the form of plants
or animals and should contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals,
carbohydrates or proteins. The food consumed should be healthy so that
it may not cause malnourishment, overweight, or diseases. The food
ingested is converted by body cells into different forms aimed at
providing energy, stimulate growth, and sustain life.
The primary role of food is to provide energy. This is made possible
because the food consumed provides nutrients to body cells so that they
can perform their functions. These nutrients provide our bodies with
information and materials that are necessary for the body to function
properly. This is done through the conversation of foods consumed into
calories. These calories are then systematically burnt by the body so as
to provide energy. This is what enables us to be able to perform our
daily activities.
The energy is derived from consuming energy loaded foods such as fats,
proteins and carbohydrates. The energy requirements range with relation
to age, body size, activities, and sex. Energy requirement is one of the
most essential parts of a human being because the body constantly
requires energy in order to function even if a person is inactive. Thus,
the food consumed should be spread according to different food groups.
This facilitates the consumption of a balanced diet which is essential
in maintaining good health standards as well as providing energy.
The other function of food is to stimulate growth. This is done by
stimulating growth hormones, using food and proper nutrition. The main
growth hormone is called human growth hormone, and it is formed in the
pituitary gland. It plays a significant role in childhood and teenage
especially in building muscles. The growth hormone stimulates the
skeletal bone to become strong and large. Proper nutrition promotes and
sustains the secretion and maintenance of, healthy levels of the
hormone. Proteins and water are the most essential food groups that help
in secretion and maintenance of healthy levels of the human growth
hormone. The human growth hormone also quickens the conversion of too
much fat into energy. Thus, the hormone is essential in stimulating
growth as well as provision of energy. It is, therefore, necessary to
eat healthy food sustain secretion of the hormone.
Growth also needs to be sustained once it starts in order to avoid
retardation. It is, therefore, necessary to eat the right kinds of food
so as to keep healthy and sustain growth and thus, sustain life. The
human body has its own internal functions that are related to life.
These include metabolism, blood circulation and removal of waste. These
are essential life functions that enable the body to run efficiently.
They help in distributing nutrients to different organs in the body,
thus keeping human beings alive. Thus, food is essential in providing
nutrients that are required by body organs in order to sustain life.
However, it is vital to note that, the body requires healthy food. This
is because unhealthy foods cause diseases such as obesity, gout and
others which are a danger to life. It is, therefore, necessary to eat
healthy foods so as to avoid such diseases. On the other hand, lack of
proper nutrition also causes diseases such as kwashiorkor which are
associated with lack of proper nutrition. Therefore, in order to stay
healthy, it is essential to eat healthy foods.

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