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September 13, 2013.
Customers` Demographic Profile
Customers will be 25-65 years living in Houston Texas.
Gender: men and women. Our customers will include single people or married couples living with their children. Couples without children are also a target group for A Cut Above lawn services. The group is obviously busy with their careers, leisure and family lives.
Location: The market for A Cut Above will concentrate in metro Houston Texas. Home owners and those living in estates will be the main customers as they have large compounds that are difficult to maintain on their own. The need for professional services in lawn maintenance is high in the area given very few companies offer the services.
Income level: $15,000-$100,000. This income allows the customers to seek for lawn services. This income is good enough to maintain a good lifestyle, which includes well maintained homes for this group.
Social class and occupation: Middle class working in white collar jobs and too busy to maintain their lawns. Major occupations include banking, insurance, education, telecommunication and hotel industry. The group is also conscious of spending hence the affordable lawn services by A Cut Above will be attractive. Middle class people are willing to outsource home services to professionals such as lawn services.
Ethnicity: All ethnic groups living in Houston including Whites, African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Africans and Asians.
Education: College and university level of education. This group has good jobs in the corporate and public sectors. The group also loves a good life with focus on beautiful and clean surroundings hence need for lawn services to enhance their homesteads.
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