Systems Development Project Apple IOS7

A new Apple iOS 7 has become released by the Apple Company in the month
of September. The Apple Company, from its onset, has made the consumer
electronic industry grow although the company was not the original
pioneer of the industry. Commencing with the Macintosh, the company
slowly built its successes in the area of technology. The company has
developed the use of different technologies from the iMac to the iPod
and now to the iPhone (O`Grady, 2009). The company started with the
revolutionizing of complex machines into easy-to-use personal computers
through pioneering technologies such as the Graphical User Interface
(GUI) and the mouse and took them to the mainstream. The next generation
of the Apple Company became ushered with the iPod media player and then
the iPhone. These two devices revolutionized the company making it drop
the ‘computer’ from its name and adopted the name, Apple Inc. the
company changed from a little company that made computers to a company,
which made a difference. When the company was started, no software was
available in fact, everything in the first machine was hand coded
(O`Grady, 2009). However, as time went by, the company began to innovate
and develop software that could make working with the personal computer
easier. The company has a continuous trend in software development up to
date in an attempt to make information use through utilizing computers
easier. Through the development of various software, the Apple company
has helped in the advancement of computer technology through the mobile
devices (O`Grady, 2009). The company has now recently developed and
released the iOS 7 software.
The iOS 7 Software
The iOS 7 has a new appearance from the other software the user
interface has changed and has become simpler and cleaner. The software
has felt and imitation paper swept away in favor of simple icons,
primary colors and solid backgrounds. The iOS 7 has an aspect of
increased animation (Sadun, 2013) the moment folders and apps open,
they zoom in rather than just appearing. The iOS 7 is advantageous to
users since it does not waste time or cause irritation as it allows any
application to continue updating itself in the background. Therefore,
apps like Twitter and Facebook can get the latest updates in the
background, which implies that users do not have to wait as it loads in
case developers put support for the feature in their products. The Apple
Company has now provided the tools and it is up to the coders to utilize
them. Hence, the iOS 7 has an interface that is much more user friendly
than software developed before by the apple Company. The software
provides an opportunity for future developments of an IOS version that
will be capable of supporting two apps to run side by side (Sadun,
Apple Smartphones and tablets contain minimal buttons. Instead of
forcing the Home button to do various things, the iOS 7 has added some
gestures so as to bring up old and new features. Through sweeping down
from the screen top, the Notification Center opens while sweeping up
from the bottom of the screen opens up a new Control Center (Smart,
2013). It is possible to turn off the gestures, when one is running an
application if one keeps accidentally using the gestures when scrolling
through web pages. The iOS 7 has made it easier to close applications.
Through double tapping the Home button, a window shows live thumbnail
views and icons of all running apps. Tapping on the switches of the
corresponding app and flicking the thumbnail image upward, throws the
app off display.
The iOS 7 has the feature of a Control Center. The feature is such that
a pull-up window can be accessed from anywhere for turning Wi-Fi or
Bluetooth off and on, open the camera, mute the device, control
background and playback music among other functions. This idea was
borrowed by the Apple Company from the Android (Smart, 2013). The
Notification Center feature is also enhanced in the iOS 7. The software
can display upcoming events, unread mails and a bit of weather
information. Users have an option of a day’s calendar using this
feature. In the iOS 7, the ability of posting directly to Twitter and
Facebook from the Notification Center has become stripped out. The
Notification Center has a new ‘Today’ feature that gives a summary
of the day including meetings, traffic and weather.
Apart from enabling applications to update in the background, the iOS 7
can allow multitasking and switching between apps. The iOS 7 has the
capacity to establish, which applications one uses most and keep them
updated. The iOS 7 also has an Airdrop sharing feature, which enable
users who are close to share any information without the use of a setup
or network (Smart, 2013). Besides, the iOS 7 has a redesigned photos
app, which introduces ‘moments’. This is a new way of organizing
videos and photos based on location and time. Through zooming out,
photos become organized by moments and years. In addition, the iOS 7 has
an iTunes Radio feature. This is a free internet radio service, which is
based on music that one listens to on iTunes.
Goals of the iOS 7
One of the goals of the Ios 7 is to make the user interface clear and
simple. Making the user interface clear and simple is vital to let users
focus on the information displayed by apps instead of becoming
distracted by the app itself (Smart, 2013). Additional security is
another vital goal of the iOS 7. Rather than using the fingerprint
scanner, the iOS 7 has passcode feature. This feature is enabled through
going to Settings, then General and selecting a passcode lock. From the
window, it is possible for a person to lock his device with a pin or
password. This enhances the security of users, which is exceedingly
vital. Another goal of the iOS 7 is an improvement of Siri (Sadun,
2013). The iOS 7 Siri can help a person to return a missed phone call or
listen to a voice mail. In addition, another goal of the iOS 7 is
enhancing apple Maps through the introduction of the Night Mode feature.
The iOS 7 has been recently developed by the Apple Inc. The software
has different features from those of the iOS 6. One of the features of
the iOS 7 is the capacity of multitasking. Different apps can run side
by side since the iOS 7 has the capacity of knowing the apps that a user
utilizes most. On the other hand, the iOS 7 supports the updating of
other apps in the background (Gruman 2013). The iOS 7 has made the user
interface clear and simple.
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