Strategic Staffing Choices

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Strategic Staffing Choices
Staffing is one of the major managerial functions that define the
management’s efficiency in decision making and human resource
policies. In staffing, the management is faced with the choice of hiring
internally to promote loyalty or discriminate known candidates for
external employees (Maello, n. d). Discrimination can be aimed at
improving diversity of experience by hiring external candidates have
more experience and they enrich the firm with a wealth of new skills,
expertise and new ideas of the firm. The management should therefore
consider either of hiring each and every employee based on their proven
performance or discriminate according to the job description.
The main advantage of hiring proven performers internally to the firm
is establishment or organizational loyalty among the staff due to
motivation got from the promotion. In addition to employees feeling
recognized, their professional and personal loyalty to the company is
enhanced which promotes a more robust human resource function. The other
advantage of the option is the simplicity of the hiring process which is
economical to the management. Finally, internal hiring enables the
management to allocate promotions to people they have worked with and
evaluated their ability.
On the other hand, the main advantage of discriminating internal
employees for external employees to introduce more experienced employees
to the new branches of the firm. The new employees will promote
professional scope of the human resource function by introducing
diversity in from their previous engagements. However, this option will
demoralize the qualified employees who feel they should take the new
The management should allocate the new job positions equally to
employees who qualify for them instead of subjecting them to
discrimination or preference to some applicants (Maello, n. d). At the
same time, the management should adhere to the set regulations when
hiring new employees to promote the integrity of the organization.
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