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Human resource sector is one of the most critical sectors in an
organization. The roles played by the human resource department are to
evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees prior and
after hiring them. It is vital to note that a job description is
critical in an organization in order to set out the skills and knowledge
required of the employees. The strategy adopted by an organization also
plays a key role in determining the skills and knowledge, as well as the
abilities required in employees. For instance, an organization with a
strategy, which enhances customer and supplier partnerships, will likely
seek for employees with a spirit of team work and cooperation. From the
above analysis, it is evidently clear that KSAs, job analysis,
organization strategy and human resource practices are all
interconnected. In other words, there exists a relationship among the
four aspects, which must work in harmony for the success of the
organization. It is also worth noting that the HR department determines
the salary of employees based on their skills, knowledge and abilities
in their jobs. This approach of compensation has largely been known as
the skill or competency based pay.
The INTEC Company needs employees with advanced skills and knowledge in
technology (Summers & Summers, 1997). In addition the employees must
also have the thirst to explore upcoming technologies. It is also
evident that the company deals with heavy machinery equipment, and
therefore it requires employees with the skills and abilities to handle
and operate such equipment (Summers & Summers, 1997). This was clearly
highlighted by the subject matter experts (SMEs) hired by the company.
Although not entirely sufficient, the company seems to have employees
with the required KSAs. As customer demands change, so does the job
requirements. Therefore, it is vital for an organization to enhance the
training programs for employees, in order to enhance their skills and
knowledge. For an organization to keep up with its strategy, it must
continuously offer training to its employees.
Summers, P & Summers, B. (1997). Strategic skills analysis for selection
and development. New York: Human Resource Planning Society.

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