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Management Audit
Shelters for women are places where women who are in abusive marriages
move to, to seek temporary shelter. The shelters provide social,
economic, and psychological support to the women and their children. The
typical period is between twelve to twenty four months. The shelters
also provide legal services for the women so as to seek justice. The
typical shelter provides support for women who are escaping from violent
relationships ranging from domestic violence to sexual abuse. These
women are usually vulnerable at their point of exit because they require
social and financial support, which is not always easy to access. For
this reason, shelters have been founded to care for the welfare of such
women, by various organizations.
“Free women” is an organization that usually deals with the rescue
of such women from abusive situations. The shelter has a capacity to
accommodate up to two hundred women with an average of two children
each, at any given time. The home offers social, economic,
psychological, and legal support for women who are escaping gender based
violence. These services are extended to the children too because they
have also experienced domestic violence. This leaves the children
psychologically disturbed and they run the risk of becoming poorly
adjusted people in society if not well taken care of, psychologically.
The organization was established in 2005 by Ms. Jones and Mrs.
Williamson, both of whom are victims of domestic violence. They were
inspired by their own experiences, and they thus, wanted to be of help
to the society. Ms. Jones was in an abusive relationship for five years.
The violence started two years into her marriage when the husband
started cheating on her. Her husband would openly cheat on her and
neglect his marital duties. Ms. Jones had to perform odd jobs to provide
a decent life to her son and herself. Her husband started becoming
abusive when she started confronting him about his negligence. Upon
leaving her home, Ms. Jones had a hard time securing a job and the
necessary psychosocial and legal support. She eventually got help from a
non- profit organization which helped her to deal with the psychological
trauma she had undergone. This became her redeeming point and she is now
leading a more successful life.
Mrs. Williamson, on the other hand, was in an abusive relationship for
two years when her family decided to pull her out of the marriage. The
family was able to provide psychosocial support for her and her two
children, and this helped her to adjust easily to the changes. She has
even managed to remarry to a Mr. Williamson who is very supportive and
caring. In 2005, the women came together and started the home from their
savings. They started with ten women and gradually expanded their
network through donor, and government funding. Over the years, the
shelter has rescued an average of one thousand women all of whom are now
part of the organization.
The organization gets funds from donors, government and well wishers.
The rescued women also provide some financial support as they are
involved in doing various economic activities that earn them a living.
The main donors and stakeholders are the UKAid, USAid, Catholic network,
Women advocacy groups and the local authorities. All these stakeholders
offer support in different forms, not just financial. This goes a long
way into helping the women and children adjust well to their new
situations. The greatest help being that the women are able to get
successfully integrated to the rest of the society and lead normal,
successful lives.
The program offered is aimed at helping women to deal with the
psychological trauma inflicted on them by their partners. The other
major support is economic empowerment to enable women to provide a
decent living for themselves and their children. Legal support is also
important in bringing the men involved to justice. Legal support also
seeks to help the women get child support for their children. Above all,
the women get strong social support networks which help the women to
better deal with their problems without feeling isolated.
Organization chart
The organization is comprised of four major departments which cover all
aspects of the needs of the rescued women. The organization has a well
coordinated structure that can deal with all case brought before it. The
system of recruitment and rehabilitation is well coordinated, and it
develops from the entrance to the exit point. Each department has
distinct activities and duties all of which contribute to the growth of
the organization. The central management is the base of the
organization, and it is the pillar of the organization.
Managing directors
The organization has two managing directors. Each director has distinct
functions. Ms. Jones is in charge of the daily operations of the
organization. She is involved in monitoring and evaluation of the daily
activities that go into running the organization efficiently. She
ensures that all the systems run effectively. Mrs. Wilson is in charge
of funding. Her main duty is to seek for donors, well wishers and other
financial and psychosocial providers for the organization. Her main duty
is to bring funds into the organization by liaising with charitable
organizations, government departments and well wishers. She analyses the
budget and comes up with strategies that enable the organization to get
financial support.
Legal department
This department deals with filing law suits on behalf of the women. The
department also offers legal advice and legal representatives to the
women. However, the main duty is to represent the women in court cases
and offer legal advice. This includes exploring all the legal options
available to the women. The department also advises the management on
legal issues that concern the whole organization. This department
comprises of a manager and five advocates of the law courts. The
department is also in charge of drafting legal documents on behalf of
the organization.
Psychosocial department
This is the most important department of the organization. It is the
basis of the organization, and the main reason for its existence. The
department is in charge of assisting women to deal with the social and
psychological problems inflicted on them. It gives counseling services
and organizes for seminars that train women self defense mechanisms that
help them to deal with their psychological problems. The main purpose is
to enable women to heal psychologically and to get well adjusted
The department comprises of researchers, counselors, admission
assistants, social welfare officers, and social work officers. The
researchers are in charge of conducting regular research that is used to
lobby for policy changes and advocate for the rights of the women. The
counselors offer psychological support, which helps women to deal with
psychological trauma. These are the most vital in the whole program
because they help women to adjust to their new beginnings. The
counselors also assist women to confront their fears and troubles so
that they can heal psychologically.
The admission assistants are responsible for assessing the needs of
the women who seek help from the organization. They analyze the problems
of women seeking help and advice the organization on the best ways to
assist the women. The assistants are also in charge of determining the
order in which help is offered from the most pressing to the least
pressing needs. The assistants are thus crucial in determining the most
efficient course of action. The social welfare officers are in charge of
developing programs that are aimed at educating the community on how to
assist women who faced by domestic violence. These include relatives of
the women and their friends.
The department also comprises of social work officers. These are in
charge of assisting the women and children deal with any physical and
psychological pain. The social work officers advise the organization on
how to deal with the physical and psychological traumas, with dignity
and respect. The officers also device programs that help the women to
better understand their problems, to prevent them from sliding back into
their abusive situations. The officers train women and children on how
to deal with their problems socially and psychologically. They advise
them on how to seek help and make the help meaningful.
Economic affairs Department
This department is in charge of coming up with a budget for the
organization. It advises the management on how to use funds efficiently.
This includes efficiency and maximization of available funds. The
department also trains the rescued women how to gain financial
independence and to manage their incomes well. Additionally, it assists
women to come up with ways of making a living so as to make them
financial independence. This is done through the utilization of skills
and talents.
The Human Resource department
The department is charged with recruiting employees into the
organization. After the recruitment, the department deals with
improvement of skills for the employees so as to make them efficient.
The department also looks after the welfare of employees to ensure that
they are well remunerated and assists in matching skills with jobs
allocated. The department’s main duty is to recruit staff members and
continually develop their skills through training and seminars. This
goes a long way into strengthening the organization through highly
skilled and motivated employees.
Annual Budget
Free Woman Transitional Center has an annual budget of about one
million dollars. This helps is used to develop programs, training
programs, paying employees and general maintenance. Due to the recent
budget cuts from the government, the organization utilizes the skills of
the accommodated women to perform general duties. This has gone a long
way into reducing the budget needs of the organization. Additionally,
the organization utilizes services of volunteers who are involved in
different activities. The women who are in active assistance also
contribute a monthly fee depending on the level of income.
The main sources of funds, however, are through well wishers, and
donors. The local government also contributes funds, but this source is
usually erratic and contributes very little funds. However, the donors
and well wishers are instrumental in meeting the budget needs of the
organization. The organization can do this through soliciting of funds
by using proposals that detail the needs of the organization and its
needs. This helps the donors and well wishers to understand the role
played by the organization and thus, contribute funds accordingly.
The biggest chunk of the budget goes into providing psychosocial
support. This is because the programs involved are intense and re
usually the most essential in the organization. This ensures that the
women are well assisted to heal psychologically, which is the most
significant part of the whole program. The budget allocated is half a
million dollars annually. The rest of the budget is used in covering the
other needs of the organization. This helps the organization to run
efficiently with very little budget deficits. The deficits usually stand
at about one hundred thousand dollars.
Management theories
The main management theory in the organization is the behavioral
management theory. This theory holds that employees are individuals who
have human needs even if they are part of the larger team and the
organization. The management at Free Woman transitional Center thus
offers a favorable working environment to offer support for its
employees. This goes a long way in assisting the employees work
efficiently because the working environment is peaceful. The management
also organizes regular staff activities to help the employees to relax
(Cole, 2004)
. Additionally, the organization offers regular seminars and workshops
which help the employees deal with their personal problems. This helps
employees to focus at work.
The other common theory is the systems management theory. This theory
states that organizations are made up of various parts, which must
perform their duties effectively for the survival and proper functioning
of the organization. The management at Free Woman encourages each
department to perform its tasks to the maximum capability possible so as
to help the organization sufficiently (Cole, 2004). It also encourages
regular sharing of information and ideas so that all departments are
aware of the systems of operation of the organization. The departments
are encouraged to work collaboratively so that they can meet all their
obligations sufficiently.
Leadership styles
The managing directors usually use the authoritative style of
leadership. They offer the rest of the employees a clear path to follow
and offer clear guidance. This has propelled the organization to greater
heights because the goals are clear and there are clear guidelines on
how to achieve these goals (Bonnici, 2012). They have been able to win
over the employees effortlessly, due to their commitment to the mission
of the organization. They also offer a conducive working climate for the
employees. This makes the employees feel comfortable at work, and it
enables them to be committed to their work.
The departmental managers usually employ the democratic leadership
style. This leadership style involves a consensus in making decisions.
The leaders seek the ideas and opinions of their followers so as to come
with a consensus on departmental goals. The purpose is also to bring
about commitment to goals. This also fosters team works and harnesses
the best potential in followers. Due to constant and open communication
with regard to goals and strategies, the leaders have developed mutual
trust with their followers. This enhances the working relationship which
is a positive impact to the organization (Bonnici, 2012).
These leadership styles have been very instrumental in the running of
the organization. This is because there are clear goals and means of
achieving them. The employees also have positive working relationships
with the management and this makes the working environment very
conducive. This also promotes a positive working environment which is
essential for the provision of quality services. The employees also have
good working relationships amongst each other which promote a good
working relationship.
The strengths of the organization lie in the leadership styles
employed. These leadership styles have enforced commitment to work. The
leadership styles have impacted heavily on the work ethics and
commitment of the employees. This has facilitated full commitment of
employees to their work, which shows in the way the employees handle the
women and children seeking help. The positivity towards works enables
employees to give their best performance at work which enables employees
to give the best services possible.
The biggest weakness of Free Woman Transitional Center is the constant
need to handle as many cases as possible. This has greatly expanded the
budget to the point of straining it sometimes. The Free Woman
Transitional Center has a policy of not turning down cases, and this has
in most instances stretched the facilities available at the shelter.
This sometimes lowers the quality of services offered. Efforts have been
put up to counter this weakness by referring some cases to other
collaborating organizations. However, the referrals are not always
successful, and this forces the management to accommodate cases beyond
their capacity.
Ethical issues
The biggest ethical challenge is the provision of privacy in the
shelter. The shelter has little privacy as the admitted women live in
communal shelters. This lack of privacy especially between the children
and women is highly discouraged. This lack of privacy in sheltering also
leads to constant fights as people try to protect their supposed
territory. The lack of privacy also exposes the children to adult
environments, which may not be the most conducive environments for
growing up.
My suggestion is that the management finds a way of partitioning the
shelter into an adult and children section. This will keep the children
in a more private environment which is recommended for progressive
growth. The management can also try and seek alternative shelters for
children to keep them away from the sometimes tense environment in the
shelter. The women can also be encouraged to let their children to stay
with trustworthy relatives or guardians as they seek for a way of living
Issues of Diversity and Difference
The organization accommodates women from different social, economic,
and cultural backgrounds. The positivity is that the women intermingle
and share ideas and knowledge based on their own backgrounds. This
creates an atmosphere of belonging which is essential for psychological
healing. This diversity of backgrounds is important in forming social
bonds. This is one of the most important things for a person who is
recovering from gender based violence. The organization tries to
accommodate all the cultural values so as to establish a good rapport
with the women and children.
The organization encourages women to forget their cultural and social
differences and foster strong social bonds based on the similarity of
their circumstances. It is important to abolish the differences so that
the women can be able to fit in well and get assistance. Differences
cause alienation, and this is not a good thing to a person who is
recovering from gender based violence. Therefore, the abolishing of
differences is to enable women to establish strong social bonds with
II. Content
Strategic Plan
A strategic plan is the process by which an organization defines its
course of action, allocation of resource, and the process of making
decisions. It guides the course of action of the organization in order
to meet the set goals and objectives. This is done by analyzing the
current circumstances of the organization and comparing this position
with the future objectives. This enables the organization to lay down
guidelines of achieving the set goals and objectives. The strategic plan
should take into account the mission, vision, and values (Oslen, 2012).
Therefore, for one to write an effective strategic plan, it is
important to evaluate the purpose of the organization first. This
involves analyzing the reasons as to why the organization exists in the
first place. Once this is clear, the next step is to come up with a
mission statement, vision statement, and the core values. These guide
the the organization in planning a way forward towards achieving goals.
The strategic plan also evaluates the strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, and threats to the organization.
Therefore, the strategic plan evaluates the current position of the
organization in relation to the organization’s goals and objectives.
Therefore, I would begin by analyzing how far the organization is in
relation to the achievement of goals. This will enable me to know what
strategies are working and which need revision. The functioning
strategies are those that have been instrumental in achieving the goals
of the organization. The non functioning ones are those that have had no
positive impact in the achievement of goals.
A good strategic plan should establish to what extent goals have been
achieved. This should also inform what strategies have worked best. The
next step is to reinforce those strategies that have been instrumental
in the achievement of goals. During the analysis, those strategies with
no impact should be revised and either improved or rejected altogether.
Thus, the strategic plan should refocus the organization towards the
initial goals.
How to start a Non-profit organization
A non-profit organization is one that is involved in assisting members
of the community to overcome social problems. It is not an organization
that is involved in business. The main purpose is to offer assistance to
the community usually with no charge. The main source of funds is
through donor or government funding. This is because the focus is on
assisting vulnerable members of the society, usually those with no
financial strength. Thus, the purpose is to offer social support
services to the members of the society (Drucker, 2012).
To establish a non-profit organization, the first step is to identify a
social need in a society that can help the society to become a better
place. After identifying the need, the next step is to come up with a
strategic plan, mission statement, vision statement, and core values.
These define the purpose of the organization in society. The next step
is to identify sources of funds. This is because non-profit
organizations also need funds to run their programs successfully.
Therefore, it is important to get sources of funds for the organization.
The next step is to develop a project proposal which is used as a
document for seeking funds. The proposal is what the organization
attaches to the document that is used to seek for funds. A good project
proposal should be able to satisfactorily introduce an organization to
prospective donors or partners. This is because it is what introduces
the organization to potential donors. The next step is to seek
government certification so that it can be a legal entity. This
introduces the organization to the government and acts as a legal bind.
Thus, it is important to get the certification because it also indicates
that the organization is legitimate. After getting legal recognition and
funds, it is now time to start putting the proposal into action
(Holland, 2008).
Cover Letter
Free Woman Transitional center,
The Catholic Relief Center,
P.O Box 3201569,
New York.
RE: Request for a grant
Free Woman Transitional center focuses on offering a safe shelter to
women who are looking for a safe place to stay after leaving their
abusive spouses. Our main goal is to offer protection for these women by
giving them a temporary safe place to stay. In addition to this, we give
the women a safe place to stay as they look for alternative places of
living. This is because most women do not have places to go to once they
leave their abusive spouses. Most of them are also looking for a safe
place to stay at because they are usually harassed by their former
Despite offering shelter, the center offers psychosocial support for
the abused women. This is because they suffer from psychological trauma
and some even suffer physical trauma and social stigmatization. Thus,
the center is a safety net for the women. At the center, we train women
on ways of earning a living so that they can support themselves and
their children. We do this by encouraging the women to exploit their
talents and skills. This goes a long way securing their financial
freedom. The center also offers legal support for the women, most of
whom do not know how to secure legal help.
Due to the expansion of the center, we are facing financial challenges
that hinder us from offering proper services. We are, therefore, seeking
for a grant from your organization to enable us to continue assisting
abused women. The center has assisted a total of five thousand women,
and we intend to continue offering this support. Additionally, the
center has been receiving requests for admission of more women because
of our holistic approach to offer assistance. In most cases, the women
suffer from spousal abuse, stalking by former spouses, abuse by
boyfriends and psychological abuse. If not assisted, the women are at
risk physically and emotionally. It is for these reasons that the
organization is seeking a grant to enable it continue serving the
The grant is meant to cover expansion costs of the organization and
improvement of services offered. It will go a long way in helping abused
women who need psychosocial support. The organization also accommodates
children whenever necessary, and this has further stretched our
resources. We, therefore, ask for financial support from your
organization through a grant. Attached herein is an enclosed copy of our
comprehensive proposal. We look forward to your kind assistance.
Yours Sincerely,
Free Woman Transitional center
Free woman transitional center
Restoring Dignity Through Social Rehabilitation
Grant Proposal
A Grant proposal for Free Woman Transitional Center
The purpose of Free Woman Transitional Center is to offer psychosocial
support to women who are victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence,
dating violence, and stalking. These are women who have suffered from
psychological and physical abuse. They usually have no social support
networks and lack safe places to find shelter. The center offers
physical, psychological, emotional, and financial support for such women
who are trying to move on with their lives. This goes a long way in
restoring their security and dignity.
Our organization seeks to expand its capacity so as to assist more
women and children in society. This will go a long way in reducing their
levels of suffering and offering them alternative ways of living. The
legal support offered is important in seeking social justice for abused
women. It also goes a long way in deterring future criminals who abuse
women. In addition to offering security and legal advice, we offer women
assistance on how to become financially independent, in preparation for
an independent life.
The support at the organization also helps to restore the dignity for
abused women. Many women suffer psychologically which lowers their self
esteem and limits their chances of escaping permanently from the cycle
of abuse. The organization has well trained counselors who offer
psychological support to help restore the women’s dignity and self
worth. This will help them in fitting well into society once they leave
the center.
The expansion project is going to cost a total of two million dollars.
The organization has secured grants of one million dollars and is
seeking one million dollars from your organization. This will be
channeled into the expansion project in its totality. We are confident
that the expansion will assist many more women than currently. The
expansion project will be under professional guidance for efficiency
purposes. Thank you for considering our request.
Mission Statement
To restore human dignity through rehabilitation
Our mission is guided by the acknowledgment that dignity is a basic
human right. This has, however, been eroded by commercial sex work which
exposes men and women to inappropriate sexual encounters which lowers
their dignity. Dignity Restoration Center seeks to restore this dignity
by offering psychosocial support and empowering commercial sex workers
through exploitation of their talents and skills.
To be the leading center for restoration of dignity in the country by
establishing satellite centers in all the major cities and town. Dignity
Restoration Center envisages a dignified society where all human beings
live with no sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation robs men and women
of their dignity and this exposes them to drug abuse and depression.
Therefore, the vision of the center is to restore human dignity so as to
curb drug abuse and depression.
Introduction of the organization
Free Woman Transitional Center is non-profit making organization
founded in 2006 with the purpose of offering psychosocial support to
women who are victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, dating
violence, and stalking. The organization also empowers the former women
economically by training them on ways of utilizing their skills and
talents. This is done through seminars and conferences that enable
members to identify their talents and skills which they can use to earn
a living. The members are also taught survival skills that enable them
to use their skills efficiently so as to reap the maximum benefits.
So far, the organization has successfully assisted an average of five
thousand women and two thousand children. This has been a great journey
of hope and healing, and ninety five percent of the rehabilitated women
are now leading a dignified life. They have utilized their skills and
talents successfully, and their former lives are a distant past. This
has been very motivating to other abused women who are now very eager to
get support. This has led the organization to expand continuously and
sometimes, the organization has found itself overwhelmed.
It is for this reason that the organization is embarking on an
expansion project, so that is can accommodate as many women and children
as possible. The expansion will also focus on improving the services
offered so that the period between the entrance and exit is reduced.
This will enable the organization to handle as many women and children
as possible while maintaining quality services. The organization’s
holistic approach to the needs of each individual makes it one of the
best centers in the country for assistance.
The organization’s biggest strength is its qualified personnel who
offer quality services. The personnel hired are well qualified for their
sectors so as to offer quality services to the women. The management of
the organization is also very instrumental to its success. The
management encourages employees to offer their opinions as to how to
improve services and this helps the organization to have a common goal.
It also increases cohesiveness as employees share ideas and opinions
Need Assessment
Gender based violence has been in existence for many years. Many
efforts have been put to curb this state of affairs. Most notably have
been campaigns that sensitize people on the need for respecting women.
However, this problem has still prevailed mainly due to cultural and
social factors. The number of abused women has not reduced drastically,
and this is what informed the decision to set up the center, to help
women get away from gender based abuse. It has also been widely
documented that most women fall back into abusive relationships. This is
due to low self- esteem, and this is why the psychosocial support is the
most important part of the organization.
Research shows that many abused women tend to fall into depression.
Many women stay in such relationships due to lack of financial strengths
to support themselves independently. Others stay on because they have no
place to go to or are too scared to leave. They fear that once they
leave, the men are likely to harm them. Some are psychologically abused
to the point of believing that they cannot get help from society. The
main challenge for abused women is to get security for themselves and
their children (Ditmore, 2006). The purpose of Free Woman Transitional
Center is to offer psychosocial support to those who are seeking
security and psychosocial assistance. The major goal of the center is to
help women heal psychologically and help them as they move on smoothly.
Our target population is abused women and children who are seeking
help. These are people who are at low points in their lives and need
support. The need for psychosocial support is very prevalent among
abused women, coupled with physical and emotional support. There are few
organizations offering transitional services do not offer psychosocial
support. Most offer legal services and safe shelters only. Thus, our
organization has a more holistic approach to assistance. This covers all
the necessary aspects for psychological, social, and economic needs of
the women.
Project goals and objectives
The main objective of the project is to expand the organization’s
capacity. This will enable it to offer support to a larger number of
women and children both in the short and long run. The other objective
is to counsel the women and children so as to restore their
psychological health and boost their self- esteem. Psychological healing
is important as it boosts the self- esteem of the members of the
organization. This protects them from falling back into their abusive
relationships and engaging in other destructive activities such as drug
and substance abuse (Hardy, Kingston & Sanders, 2010). Most
rehabilitated people lead successful lives engaging in other gainful
economic activities. Most of them even offer volunteer services to the
organization in order to rescue more people. The organization has a
ninety five percent success rate so far, and the organization wishes to
push this to ninety seven percent within the next two years.
The main goal is to rehabilitate at least one thousand women per year
and achieving an annual success rate of ninety seven percent. This goal
is only achievable with more funds so as to enable the organization to
expand its services. The other goal is to establish satellite centers in
at least all major cities and towns in the country so as to reach as
many people as possible. This will enable the organization to offer
support to a larger population and rescue more women from gender based
Our future plan is to collaborate with corporate organizations to offer
jobs for the rehabilitated women. The plan is to secure employment for
the women to enable them to be financially independent so that they can
support themselves and their children comfortably. This will increase
chances of the women leading stable lives because they will be
psychologically, emotionally, and financially empowered. This vision is
projected to take off in the next seven years as the organization lays
the groundwork for the programs.
Project method
The major method of implementation will involve funds allocation for
every need. The organization has set up a committee which will be tasked
in overseeing the implementation of the project. The committee is
comprised of members from each department so as to ensure that the
project is in line with each department’s goals. This also ensures
transparency in management of funds so as to ensure that funds are well
utilized to meet the goals of the project.
The project will be implemented in phases for purposes of order and
proper utilization of funds. The first phase will involve expanding the
personnel portfolio so as to cater for the needs of the already expanded
population. This is the first step towards offering better services to
the women. The next phase will involve expansion of the physical
facilities of the organization to offer comfortable shelter for the
women. Thus, the two phases will cover the major aspect of the project
in an orderly manner.
Project Evaluation
The evaluation will involve assessing the financial management of
funds, against the goals of the project. This will be done through
auditing of the books of accounts of the whole project. The organization
has made arrangements to have external auditors from the government to
audit the books of account at the end of the organization. This is meant
to increase transparency and improve management of the funds
efficiently. Financial evaluation is important because it ensures that
donor funds are well utilized to meet the needs of the project as
intended (Gudda, 2011).
The project will also be evaluated against the projected goals of the
organizations which are evaluated every six months. This enables the
organization to analyze how well it has achieved the short term goals
which are the building blocks of the long term goals. This also enables
the organization to evaluate its strategies in achieving goals. The
organization can then change the strategies early enough to enable it to
better focus and work towards achieving its goals. This will be done by
the management of the organization.
Thus, the evaluation will look at financial management as well as the
number of beneficiaries. This will ensure that the money donated and
budgeted for meets the target of the project. The evaluation will focus
on evaluating the amount of money utilized versus the number of women
who have been assisted. This is because the main aim of the project is
to expand its services by assisting more women than at the moment. As
part of the evaluation, the management will conduct an internal research
that will involve interviewing the women so as to know whether the
project will have improved the quality of services offered.
Project timeline
The recruitment of additional staff members will be conducted by the
human resources department. This will be done within a period of two
months. The recruitment will involve oral and written interviews to
evaluate the emotional and intellectual capabilities of those recruited.
This is because the organization’s strongest point is its dynamic and
talented employee base. We seek to have qualified personnel who are
committed to improving the welfare of the women.
The next phase which involves the expansion of facilities is projected
to take a period of one year. This is because the organization will hire
a contractor who will be responsible for the building and construction.
According to the contractor, the project will take one year for quality
and safety purposes. The whole project will, therefore, take a total
period of one year and two months. After this, the project will be fully
The organization is to be funded primarily by donors. The organization
also wishes to seek funds from the local government and well wishers
(Anheier, 2005). The likely donors identified include the World Health
Organization, International Red Cross Society, USAID, The Rockefeller
foundation, and the Aga Khan foundation. These are organizations that
are engaged in protecting human dignity and safeguarding human rights.
Their objectives match those of Free Woman Transitional Center and thus
they will be good partners in achieving our goals. These are also
international organizations that have done informative research
activities about human dignity and thus, understand the general human
Thus, partnering with these organizations is also helpful because their
objectives match with those of the organization. The organizations main
purpose is to alleviate human suffering through economic and social
empowerment. This makes them interested in partnering with organizations
that meet their objectives. The organizations also engage in constant
evaluation of how organizations utilize their funds so as to meet their
goals. This ensures that organizations remain accountable and that they
use the funds efficiently for purposes of achieving goals.
Project budget
The budget is broadly divided into two parts. The project will cover
recruitment of additional employees and the expansion of facilities. The
expansion of facilities will involve building a new, living block. The
budget is set against a target population of one thousand rehabilitated
people annually. The goal is to rehabilitate more women and empower them
to face their new life with renewed courage. The organization is seeking
a grant from your organization to fund the recruitment of staff members.
The proposed budget is as follows
Item Cost in dollars
Recruitment of staff 100,000
Training new staff members 350,000
Salaries 200,000
Provision of new office facilities 200,000
Paying for contracting services 100,000
Actual cost of building 1,000,000
Recurrent expenditure 50,000
Once the project is complete, the organization will release a special
financial report about the project that will be distributed to all
stakeholders and current partners. This will pay special attention to
your organization’s support. As part of the evaluation, the
organization will carry out a interview to establish the impact of the
project. The questionnaire will be as follows
Draft Questionnaire
When did you join Free Woman Transitional Center?
Do you have any children?
What services did you think need improvement?
Has the project addressed these services?
What do you think is the biggest impact of this project on the center?
The reason for evaluation through clients is because they are the reason
for this organization’s existence. According to Ms. Amon, “Free
Woman Transitional center is a great place for psychological and
emotional healing. However, the organization needs an expansion urgently
so as to improve the quality of services.”
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Managing Directors
Legal department
Human resources Department
Economic Affairs
Psychsocial support
Training and skills development offficer, recruitment officer
Economic empowerment officers
Reserchers,Counsellors, admission assistants, social welfare officers,
social work officers
Advocates of the law courts

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