Skateboarders Skateboarders

The employment of devices for coasting as skateboards, rolling blades,
and motorized skateboards became extremely popular during the early
90’s, particularly within consumers of ages between 7 years to 18
years old. It was so popular that skateboards became an American
culture. These kids have since grown up and entered universities and
became the college students of today. They brought with them this
culture into their college life and ultimately the college campus. The
use of skateboards also raised concerns on the appropriateness and
safety of those who do not use coasting devices such as skateboards.
These safety concerns caused University management to make changes to
the rules and regulations of using these coasting devices. Universities
like Cal Poly Pomona have banned the use of coasting devices on grounds
of creating a safety issue and nuisance on others. I believe that the
ban on the use of skateboards, roller blades, roller-skates, motorized
skateboards and any other coasting devices on campus are inadequate and
inappropriate. The regulations are exaggerated as they prohibit the use
of any coasting devices on campus. This is quite inappropriate
considering that the devices are safe to use in this environment. People
are able to use these devices elsewhere in their neighborhoods with
minimal regulations. As long as users of coasting devices follow strict
guidance on the safe use of coasting devices, they should be allowed, to
freely express themselves as it is an identity they preferred before
they entered the college campus. The Cal Poly Pomona police department
should consider reviewing the prohibition of these devices on campuses
and create reasonable rules and regulations on safely utilizing these
coasting devices.
The regulations are inadequate in that there is no proper coordination
between Cal Poly Pomona police department and the campus authorities.
The activities have been taking place on campus grounds however, campus
authorities have not participated nor collaborated, with the police
department to implement these regulations. As such, students are
undertaking these activities illegally, which is quite risky. If both
parties are in congruence with each other, safety in campus can be
enhanced through monitoring and regulating the use of coasting devices.
As it stands now, people are using these skateboards freely because the
police department failed to provide proper enforcement of the rules and
regulations of coasting devices.
I believe that Cal Poly Campus is quite safe for skating activities. The
speed limit in campus is relatively low and safe for that matter. At a
speed limit of 25km/hr students can safely roll using coasting devices.
However, current regulations completely prohibit the use of these
devices on campus highways, roadways, bicycle paths, recreational
trails, equestrian trails, pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, campus
parking lots, drainage ditches and any other area within the campus.
This is quite unfair for the serene campus environment.
From my own observation and experience, students are able, to safely use
coasting devices on campus, just like in most neighborhoods. Their use
on campus is rather appropriate as students are able to move freely from
one venue or activity to the other, considering the vast area of the
campus. In fact, their use around the campus is safer than the use of
cars, which can cause fatal accidents. If automobiles are allowed on
campus, we can allow skateboards, to safely roam college grounds as I
have never seen someone hitting a pedestrian causing death. On the other
hand, car accidents happen more often and sometimes causing serious
injuries or death. It is discriminating to view cars are appropriate and
acceptable as a mode of transportation and skateboards are viewed as
inappropriate and unsafe. In my opinion, as long as people use
skateboards responsibility, they should be allowed to use them.
I believe that the use of skateboards should be controlled but in an
improved permissive manner. Skateboards should be used along campus
highways, parking lots, bicycle paths, and roadways as they pose no or
minimal risks. However, they should be banned to be used on pedestrian
walkways, drainage ditches as they may interfere with pedestrians,
making it risky and unsafe. In addition, the use of coasting devices on
recreational trails is safe and should be allowed. After all, their use
at other universities such as the University of Hawaii has proved to be
Finally, I believe the over regulation of the use of coasting devices on
campus is quite inconsiderate. During the times that the world is
promoting cycling, and the use of other energy efficient means of
transport, campuses should be in the forefront in embracing this
movement. In addition, the use of these devices is safe and healthy as
they engage students in physical activities that are good for a healthy
body. When the majority of American teens are battling with obesity, it
is only rational to allow students to engage in vigorous activities
within the campus and maintain their health. Hence, I would advise that
the Cal Poly Pomona Police Department and campus authorities come
together and review these regulations with considerations of the above
In conclusion, the banning of skateboards, roller blades, and other
coasting devices are discriminating and inconsiderate of people’s
choices in modes of transportation. Skateboarding offers students
freedom to express themselves as individuals and travel around campus in
an efficient and timely manner. In addition, skateboarding can be
beneficial to the body as it is considered an enjoyable sport. It is
also a great outlet for peoples` minds as engaging in skateboarding
provide stress management benefits amongst a stressful environment such
as college life. Furthermore, banning something without attempting to
provide a reasonable consideration is tyranny and we should condone such
unfair practice. One of the primary objectives of higher learning is to
promote individual growth and preserve the American culture. Taking away
people’s freedom to express them-selves is inconsistent with the
American values. As long as users can follow a set of well-structured
rules and regulations on the safe use of coasting devices, we should
honor them by allowing them freedom. Universities are institutions of
freedom of expression and creativity because through these concepts we
are able to foster growth and make for an upgraded human society

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