Sexuality has been one of the most emotive subjects in the recent

times. It underlines a wide area of study pertaining to the gender
identity, sexual orientation, sexual expression and sex of an
individual. The five circles of sexuality include sexual identity,
sexual intimacy, sensuality, sexualization, as well as reproduction and
sexual health. Information pertaining to these circles of sexuality is
bound to be an eye-opener as it underlines the fact that the sexuality
of an individual encompasses more than the physical aspects or even the
biological component. Indeed, it is evident that the sexuality of an
individual would stretch to the psychological aspect regarding the
comprehension of an individual as to the person that he or she is
sexually (Carroll 35). This sexual identity incorporates varied
interlocking pieces that would affect the manner in which every
individual views or perceives himself of herself, as well as their
expression to the world. In essence, if find this information to be
quite relevant and crucial to the understanding of oneself.
This education comes as extremely important to adolescents as far as
the promotion of healthy sexual identity is concerned. An individual’s
attitude towards sexuality, as well as their capacity to comprehend and
accept their own sexuality comes as an essential aspect of whom the
person really is and the manner in which he or she interacts with the
world (Carroll 37). Scholars have underlined the fact that the
acceptance of and comfort with one’s own sexual identity would have a
direct effect on an individual’s capacity to make healthy choices, as
well as render the requisite respect for other people’s choices
(Carroll 45). The knowledge so offered in the text would go a long way
in shaping these attitudes and the acceptance of one’s own sexuality.
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