Safety Aviation (Name)

(Name of the Instructor)
Having this information as the safety manager, it is my responsibility to provide appropriate health and safety, accident prevention, and exploration training for supervisors and other managers. This is to enable them identify any fowl play in the production process which might jeopardize the health and safety of the employees and the safety of the final product. This will enable us, the safety management team to establish any illegal procedures and thwart any attempt to risk the lives of the employees.
I will also make it my duty to present a copy of the health and safety policy to the managers and supervisors outlining all the necessary safety procedures required the production and other activities. This includes the need to train employees in new production changes, provide information on safety issues that may arise and how to deal with them. Employees have a right to know how certain processes may affect them and how to protect themselves.
Having taken these steps, as the safety manager I will order a re-evaluation of the planned production. Being protected by the law or mandated by the law to act in my capacity to ensure safety in the workplace, I will write to my boss to stop the planned process. This will ensure that employees are safe. It will also ensure that my boss cannot victimize anyone for this information. Having this information places the safety manager in a delicate position as any accidents and health issues will point out to him or her. Thus, it`s the right thing to stop everything regardless.

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