Role of Scientific Method in Research

Role of Scientific Method in Research
Scientific method describes a bulk of skills and techniques for acquiring knowledge, investigating phenomena, or integration and correction of previous information and knowledge. Scientific methods should pass the test of being based on evidence that is measurable and empirical that is based on set principles of reasoning. Both quantitative and qualitative intellectual inquiries involve extensive and intensive studies and search for objective information and knowledge. In that case, the knowledge is obtained through systematic observation, formulation, experiment and measurement, hypothesis modification and testing.
For the aforementioned to be achieved, the scientific method comes, in handy to ensure that the process of observation and data correction, testing and analysis of the same follows the objective scientific procedures. Therefore, the scientific method plays a central role in both qualitative and quantitative intellectual inquiry to guarantee that reliable information, data and conclusions are obtained from the research. Imperatively, the results from research are held to be correct, but subject to falsification as the information has the possibility of being refuted, enhanced or proved wrong.
The design of any intellectual and diligent inquiry describes the structure, which is employed in the scientific research. The application of the scientific method in the research design provides direction to the study. Imperatively, scientific method systematizes the research with the aim of obtaining the most reliable and valid conclusions. Furthermore, scientific method is significant in the research design as it guides the researcher on the choice of the research method to adopt. This is based on the nature of research, purpose and nature of data and information, which are required from the study. Therefore, the scientific method determines the process of research and the outcomes of the research, as well.
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