Research Process Research Process

Walden University has formulated a research process that expounds on how
students should conduct and present research results in a way that meet
the Universities threshold. This responsibility is bestowed upon the
Walden Research Center department. The process posits studying a topic
for the purpose of gaining new tenets of knowledge and develops
strategies for getting solutions to the existing problem (Walden
University, 2012).
Research Process Flow Chart
The process begins with the student drafting a proposal and handing it
over to a nominated committee the chairman of the committee decides
whether the proposal is ready to be reviewed by the committee. If ready,
the committee asserts that Dissertation Minimum Standard Rubrics (DMSR)
are attained. The proposal then goes to the chair of the University
Research Review committee (URR). This committee further confirms the
attainment of DMSR. The approval of the proposal then goes to the Office
of Students Research Activities (OSRA) and the Institution Review board
consecutively. After the proposal is approved by the three bodies, the
student schedules oral defense and if the defense gets approved by the
URR and the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) or a designee. Finally, student
receives ProQuest submission and permit for publishing. Graduation audit
can only be given after the publishing of the dissertation (Walden
University, 2012).
Three resources/ topics found helpful for PhD studies.
The three resources that I found helpful in my PhD studies were Office
of Student Research Administration (OSRA), Center for Research Support,
and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. The information
presented in OSRA about thesis formulation and development will assist
in the development of a relevant and applicable thesis in my
dissertation. The Center for Research Support will give information on
available secondary and primary sources of data in my area of study
(Walden University, 2012). The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
will move a long way in my PhD, specifically in the area of sponsorship
to compete the studies.
Two residual questions about Walden’s Dissertation Research Process
After reviewing the research process developed by Walden Center for
Research Support, a number of questions are bound to arise. However, two
primary ones are
Question one
The student nominates members of the committee, how can one be
guaranteed that the members of the committee meet the standards of the
university? And if they do, who has the absolute authority on the
retention of members in the committee?
Question two
The process has a lot of committees, and a number of them occur twice
or thrice in the entire process. Which measures has the university
placed to prevent the effects of bureaucracy?
Walden University. (2012). Walden university catalogue: Vision, mission,
and goals. Retrieved from:
“” .
ProQuest Submission
Oral Defense
Approval of the proposal
Confirmation of the attainment of DSMR
Presentation to the Chair of URC committee
Assertion of the DMSR
Preparation of a proposal

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