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According to Shipp (1983), Black clients have remained a mystery to typical counselors as their attendance to counseling sessions is poor, fail to adhere to appointments or completely dropping out of therapy. As such, the author has looked into detail the causes of this disconnect between Black clients and treatment. It has been identified that the `Black Experience` explained by values, behaviors and attitudes of Black clients is the major cause of this disarray (Shipp, 1983). The author believes that the only way to help Black clients is through understanding the behavior of Blacks in relation to African philosophy. Group approach has been established to be the best approach. In my view, group approach should be emphasized in Black client therapy.
Black clients posses some inherent traits that are the root of the problems and the issues they endure. The prejudice that existed in the past have been influencing generation to generation. When Black clients are in a homogenous group, with therapist of Black origin, a unique understanding is established. I think the fact the `Black experience` is a unique phenomenon to Blacks explains why they are not able to work with heterogeneous therapists. As noted in the article, conflicts often arise especially when issues of racism are the subject of discussion between a Black client and a White therapist (Shipp, 1983).
I believe that the author is confident with his argument. The fact that group experience enhances family and societal relations, besides providing a platform for evaluating and defining social realities, is an indication of the effectiveness of group counseling. In addition, the need to train therapists in line with cultural diversity in the society carries a great weight. Although the author has touched on this issue in her recommendation, I believe it needs to be addressed amicably.
I feel that the recommendations provided by the author agree with common knowledge. The values that this group of people place upon themselves are supported by the concept of group counseling. When people of the same roots, experiences, values and attitudes are in a common group, they tend to open up, feel safe and in the process can be helped. In the article, the author supports this idea by stating that not only do the Black clients in a homogenous therapy group feel like victims, but also as saviors (Shipp, 1983). They tend to comfort one another through sharing experiences and helping each other with ideas.
In my opinion, group counseling should not be limited to Black clients only as its effectiveness in resolving social issues among a population are evident. The approach should be expanded to other minorities including Hispanics, Arabs and any other group of people in America. This will enable isolate and understand the issues unique to each group and handling them will be practical.
In conclusion, the unique `Black experience` is a widespread philosophy that cannot be ignored. The group counseling approach offers the best remedy for ensuring that Black clients remain in therapy programs, and objectives of therapy is achieved. I believe the article is still relevant in the contemporary world because, even though much have changed in terms of equality and affirmative action, the ghosts of the past continue to haunt the Blacks, in one way or the other. The idea of civilization for instance is often likened with Americanization-meaning the issues of superiority and inferiority in matters of race are still evident.
Shipp, L.P. (1983). Counseling Blacks: A Group Approach, The Personnel and Guidance Journal, p.108-111.

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