Putting Change into Action

To bring change in the society and particularly with the group of people I will be working with, there is need to understand cultural issues surrounding these people. Some cultures adopted by people or an organization can be a hindrance to change (Proehl, 2001). In addition leadership is the key driver of change. Leadership is the power to influence. I am confident to offer this influence for positive change. Working with the less fortunate in my capstone project is quite a challenging but fulfilling responsibility. I call it responsibility because, in my personal vision statement, I consider whatever ability and talent that I have as a Devine gift that I should utilize in giving back to the society, by helping the less fortunate. In regard to my philosophy, the best way to influence or lead others is to lead by example. I am a servant leader, who humbles himself and looks forward to inspiring others to reach their peak and serve humanity.
The change practice that I am looking forward to deploy is the development of support groups within the population, equipped with knowledge and skills that are necessary to live effectively. This group will be concerned with the identification of talents and will help in nurturing these talents and ensuring that they can be tapped for the wellbeing of not only the individual, but others around them. In fact, am looking at the future where a cycle of humility will prevail. The suffering that I see people go through everyday has taught me to be my brothers` keeper and I will work towards my project to achieve the change that I have always wanted to see.
Proehl, R. (2001). Organizational change in the human services. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage Publications.

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