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Introduction public speaking is the art of speaking to people in a well-structured manner. It may be for entertainment or informational based. Most people explain public speaking as the face to face conversation. Informative speech is presented to a group of people with the sole aim of informing them of a particular idea. The message should be clear and presented in a concise manner. All the criteria for public speaking should be applied by the speaker. The speaker should maintain a good eye contact with the audience (Coopman 2012). Clarity of voice is very important in informative speaking. In presenting an informative speech, audience should be addressed in a clear way and also the voice should be loud and clear. Audience participation makes the presentation lively and enjoyable thus the speaker should involve the audience fully. This paper analysis the art of public speaking and also evaluates the impact on the audience.
Option 1
Standing confidently in front of public
The speaker is perfect on this
Eye contact
Level of eye contact is low
The speaker should maintain eye contact with the audience
Facial expressions
The speaker uses facial expression like smiling
Good art of public speaking
Speaker does not use gestures
Gestures should be incorporated in the speech
Speaker applies good intonation
Slight improvement required
The speaker is not fluent in delivery
Improvement required
Good at comprehending the topic
Slight improvement to be perfect
The speaker is not very clear
Tonal variation should be improved
The speaker`s topic is for the target audience
Slight improvement
The speaker`s topic is rich in contents
Clarity in the presentation of the content
The speaker introduces himself well
Slight adjustment on the introductory remarks
The speaker develops the topic of discussion well
Factual materials should be expounded for the knowledge of the audience
The speaker makes an incomplete conclusion
A statement of conclusion memorable by audience should be used
The speaker does not connect the different sub topics in his speech
There should be a proper transition from one area of discussion to the other
The speaker gives both first hand and secondary information
Proper citation should be included for originality purposes.
Option 2: Demonstration and Definition speeches
Demonstration speech comes from the verb demonstrate. It is a speech that gives an explanation of how to perform an activity. The speaker must apply all the rules of public speaking and also the use of visual aides. Definition speech is meant to inform the target audience through description and explanation of a concept (Coopman, 2012). The two speeches are similar in the manner of presentation only that they differ in the contents. A demonstrative speech should be original and very precise in nature.
Evaluation of definition speech- Case of new product purchase
In purchasing a product for the organization, all the decision makers should be incorporated. It is a multi-stage process of management. In the presentation of the topic as a definition speech the following should be followed:
* Explain the anticipation for the need to acquire
* Identification of the characteristics of the needed item
* Describe the characteristics and quantity of the item
* Searching and qualification for potential suppliers
* Acquiring and analyzing proposals
* Evaluate and select the proposal
* Order routine selection
* Feedback and evaluation
All the steps should be explained one after the other.
This paper examines the art of public speaking, as well as the impact of the same on the audience. Mastery of the art of public speaking is a tool for communication. The various speeches discussed depending on the target audience and also the message to be passed. In speech delivery, voice clarity is important. A demonstrative speech should be original and very precise in nature. The speaker should maintain a good eye contact with the audience
Coopman, Stephanie J., & Lull, James. (2012). Public Speaking: The Evolving Art, Enhanced (With Communication Studies Coursemate With Ebook, Infotrac College Edition 1-semester, Speechbuilder Express” 3.0 1-semest. Wadsworth Pub Co.

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