Public Persona Andy Ruff

Addy Ruff is a politician representing At-large district in the
Bloomington Council. He is a family man married to Hank Ruff and father
to son, Hank and daughter Anna (Andy Ruff, 2010). He is a democrat who
was elected as an incumbent to the council (Democracy, 1). In his
election, Andy rode in the favorable political climate for the democrats
as the public voted them overwhelmingly. Hewitt (1) describes that
Bloomington voters voted the Democrat candidates in unison where
incumbents like Tim Mayer, Andy Ruff and Susan Sandberg won the at-large
Bloomington City Council race. Currently, Andy Ruff (1) indicates that
he is President of Bloomington City Council.
Social and Public Profile
In terms of public appearances on social events and issues, Andy Ruff is
seen not to be keen on the importance that these appearances add on a
public figure. Social appearances are important in portraying the public
figures and celebrities as people concerned with people. Through these
forums, public figures are able to interact with the public and
socialize with people who idolize them. Politicians such as Andy Ruff
find a lot of importance on these platforms since they help them gain
public goodwill that is translated to more votes and political
preference during elections. However, it is unfortunate that Andy Ruff
has not fully exploited the art and the potential of social events and
public appearances.
The Bloomington City Council member is low on his public profile and
does not feature in public biography databases such as the IU’s Nexis
and Lexis database. Despite having such a low profile, Andy is a well
established public officer with a good track record in arguing for
issues as well as for great items in the council. He presents himself as
an issue-based politician which explains why he emerged as a favorite
during the elections that saw him retain his seat at the Bloomington
City Council.
Personal Attributes
Andy is a lover of holidays and finds happiness in the hobby of fishing.
This is evident in the many photos he posted in his Facebook page in the
year 2010 to show how he had enjoyed fishing with his family. This shows
that he is a man who loves taking time off for a fish after all the
lobbying and negotiating associated with the Bloomington Council
politics. He loves music of the old classics and band tunes. According
to Andy Ruff (2010) as his Facebook page, Andy indicates that he loves
Grey Larsen, Leon Chance, Ziona Li Riley and blue grass music.
Apart from music, Andy is a film enthusiast with a lot of interest in
blockbuster movies. According to Andy Ruff (1), he indicates his
interest in the movies manufacturing consent, the defiant ones and the
attack of the killer tomatoes among others as one of his favorite
movies. Apart from the movie world, Andy is a great fan of comedy having
indicated his love foe the Comedy Central TV program and Lance Link
secret Chimp. Andy is also a singer being a Lead vocalist and a
songwriter. Additionally, Andy Ruff (1) indicates that he is a
mandolinist as well as a rhythm guitarist in The Dew Daddies.
Addy’s Bloomington Council Service
Being a member of the Bloomington Council, Addy Ruff serves several
responsibilities for the public. At the Bloomington Council, he is a
parliamentarian and a council member at large with legislative and
voting responsibilities. This is a legislative body in the City that
acts as a link between the government and the Bloomington citizens. This
Council is responsible for the representation of the interests of local
residents by enacting legislation aimed at promoting health, general
welfare and safety of the City. The council does this function in
addition to the task of ensuring that the delivery of essential
municipal services is upheld by the government.
Through the council, Addy Ruff has been involved in decisions that
affect the livelihood of the community. By law, this body also ensures
that the property and finances of the City are well spent through proper
appropriation of public resources. Through this committee, Addy Ruff has
been of service to the community in offering his expertise in decision
making processes of the council.
Participation in Legislative Process
Addy Ruff has been involved in the sponsorship of many discussions and
council ordinances as well as in the opposition of other legislative
processes. Through such discussions, his opinion has always counted in
regard to topics and enactments that touch on the community. For
instance, Addy was aggressively in disagreement to the parking
ordinance. According to Clayton (1), the act requires that drivers
parking in the Bloomington downtown side to be paying for parking. The
council approves the ordinance that changes the city’s parking
structure with a vote of 6-3 in favor of the act.
In relation to the analysis, Council member Andy Ruff totally disagreed
with the act and voted against it. His opinion was that the change to
downtown side of the city is too dramatic and that the change would have
come too soon. His opinion was in consistency with business owners in
the town and officers from the chamber of commerce who protested that
the ordinance could have secondary consequences like discouraging people
from coming downtown. This way, Addy Ruff is seen as a man who stands
with the issues of people no matter whether they are in the majority or
in the minority side.
Andy Ruff was also instrumental in the opposition of the construction of
the I-69. According to Brodsy (1), Andy Ruff was one of the Bloomington
City Council members who held a press conference at in regard to the
opposition of the Governor O`Bannon plan of the construction of I-69
through Bloomington. Other Council members who signed the opposition
include Tim Mayer, Patricia Cole, Anthony Pizzo, Jeffrey Wilsey and
Michael Diekoff. Through the establishment of the opposition Andy was
standing against a project that had cultural, economic and environmental
implications on the people of Bloomington. The opposition specifically
cited Oliver Winery as some of the example of a local business impacts
that would be disregarded if the expected I-69 crossed Bloomington at
State Road 37 path (Brodsy, 1).
Social Service
Andy Ruff is a person who seems to be a supporter of beneficial social
service in the community as well as projects that are meant to benefit
the community. Andy is member of the Jack Hopkins Social Services Fund
which is a platform for providing beneficial social services. The
committee is composed of public servants within the council and other
members representing the city. In being an active member of the
committee, it is evident that Andy has a passionate character of
providing services to the society. Through such committees, the council
of Bloomington has been funding the Jack Hopkins Service Fund for a
number of years.
Stand on Social Issues
Gay Supporter
Addy Ruff is one of the liberalists who have taken a stand to the
support of the same sex relationships and even endorses them for
marriage. Early in 2013, the mayor for Bloomington set to plan a
same-sex wedding ceremony where he was to preside over the union of the
gay people into marriage. In the council, Andy Ruff was one of the
members who supported the concept and the occasion. According to (1), Andy was one of those who were ready to support the mayor
in his plan of conducting a wedding ceremony for over twelve gay and
lesbian men and women couples which is in opposition to the popular
proposal to ban such weddings.
In further clarification, the motion of whether to support or not to
support gay and lesbian demands has been used as a benchmark of judging
people’s character. In contemporary American set up, many Americans
are liberalists who don’t mind people of same gender marrying.
However, the growth of family values and Christian teachings limits
people to take hard stands against the ideology of same-sex marriages
making weddings of the same a worst case scenario for Andy Ruff to
support. This explains why the media and the public become curious on
the issue. Therefore, everyone seeks to know how their leader or council
representative voted in any discussion touching on the topic. This is
what puts Andy in a situation subject to public scrutiny and reporting
of his decision to support same-sex weddings.
Social Media Profiles
Andy’s profile shows hat he is a good family man who takes pride in
his family to the extent he puts family picture with his kids as the
profile picture. Through such loyalty to the family, any person who
visits the page will be appreciative of his social and family values.
However, Andy is totally a non-social being who does not update his
profile or even share information with those close to him in the social
circles. This is evident in the way he has poorly managed the social
media profile available at In fact, the last post and
activity on the page was done in December, 2010. It was a series of
posts showing the good moments he was sharing with his family such as
going fishing with his kids.
Andy Ruff is not visible on twitter despite being a holder of a
conspicuous public service post at the Bloomington Council. The
character of Andy of not being consistent with the social media is the
main reason why he is not visible on the social media
platform. As an official person at the Bloomington Council Member, Andy
Ruff should be able to use twitter to advance his political agenda. This
is because twitter is more associated with formal sharing as well as
upper social class of social media interaction. This element portrays
him as a low profile person who does not like social integration of his
ideas with the online community. On the other hand, he is losing as a
social media introvert due to his position that demands presence and
people interaction.
Through the use of social media, nothing official came out from the
analysis of Andy Ruff. As an official at the Bloomington political
level, he should be more involved with the platform to build on his
political integration with the world around him. It seems that Andy Ruff
has not understood the need for social media platform or the importance
of sharing some necessary information on the online platforms. The use
of social media for pubic figures is a non-avoidable feature of their
lives and a widespread aspect of their communication. Therefore, in
light to that, it seems that Andy Ruff is not a keen public figure or he
is just a social media ignorant person if not illiterate.
Contradicting Persona
From the news and social media, Andy Ruff is rarely mentioned due to his
low public profile especially in relation to social matters. However,
earlier in the year, (1) linked him to the propagation of the
demand by gay and lesbian people to have legally biding marriages. This
happened as the website reported of the plan by the Bloomington mayor to
conduct wedding ceremonies for the same-sex people. Additionally, the
media portrays him as a sensitive person who was analytical in the plan
by the governor to construct an I-69 across Bloomington.
The media also accuses him of his disagreement to the motion of deer
management as proposed by the Deer Task Force. This was in response of
the website to the unanimous vote for the ordinance by the Bloomington
Council in support of the act. This prompted the IDS News to focus their
attention in understanding why Andy Ruff was in disagreement of the
approval. They therefore accused Andy Ruff of not addressing the
recommendations proposed for urban deer. Bentley (1) accuses Andy of
just asking if the science driving the proposed Griffy Woods
recommendations was valid.
Social Media Effect on Personality
In comparison with the information on the public domain, the content in
the social media and the news does not contradict Andy`s persona. His
personality is not affected by negative media since he is not publicly
conspicuous due to his low public profile. Social media profile portrays
him as a family man with a good family as seen on his Facebook page.
However, the news of his support for gay and gay weddings slightly
paints a different picture of his personality as a family man. This is
made more critical when the public compares the decision with the
expected decision by people of the same social standards as him in the
society and in the family.
As far as social media and news appearances are concerned, Andy seems to
be a social media introvert. This is evident in the low profile he keeps
with social media platforms. People may see this as an intentional plan
of keeping his name out of the public domain to avoid public scrutiny.
It can be what he uses to keep people away from analyzing his profiles
and following his every move in the social circles and in the public
service. Therefore, keeping away from twitter, Facebook and news media
items can be interpreted as a strategy of maintaining his public profile
intact without potential of extended negative discussion.
Andy and the Media
It is notable that out of all these media and social media reports and
items on him, Andy Ruff did not respond to any of the allegations. Andy
Ruff did not respond to the news report by (1) that linked him
with the mayor’s support for gay and lesbian people to hold wedding
ceremonies. Similarly, Andy did not respond to the articles that
reported on his disagreement with the governor of his plans to construct
the I-69 across the town. These are some of the examples that Andy Ruff
did not respond even after being mentioned over in the media. This
portrays the character of Andy of taking things easy and very slow on
picking storms with simple allegations.
This character of taking issues with the media and news items easy is
positive for Andy since he is holding a sensitive public office. His
character in regard to the media is the opposite of some of celebrities
and public figures who keep on arguing with the media on every news
items or allegations contained in the media. it seems Andy Ruff fully
understands that is the role of the media to report anything that is
alleged or happens for the sake of public knowledge. However, many other
public officers do not understand this and therefore keep high social
media presence and hitting on local and international news platforms.
Andy Ruff is a low profiled public figure with a good track record in
the political scene. Due to his good service and political profile as a
democrat, he was voted to the Bloomington Council as an incumbent. His
personal attributes describe an average family man holding a public
office that drives attention of people towards him. In relation to
social media platform, Andy does not maintain an updated social media
profile or status. This paints him of a public figure ignorant of the
potential of social media or uninformed of how he can use the platforms
for his public advantage. Despite appearing in the media for normal
opinion on public issues, none of the media mentions seems to affect his
persona and public image.
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