Subject : Cab Company Service
Complaint and Accommodation Letters
Primary Reader:
Technical level: David Marcus is most likely a college graduate since he sounded professional in his approach in giving suggestion to the cab company. The customer service representative is also most likely a college graduate as suggested by the tone of the response letter.
Position: David Marcus is a professional who constantly travels abroad for business trips. He sent a letter of complaint to the cab company regarding the service he experienced on the 6[th] of September. The customer service representative of the customer service department is a professional who handles all complaints and suggestions.
Attitude toward subject: The subject which is about the service rendered by the Cab Company is openly accepted and suggestions were also considered.
Secondary Readers:
Technical level: The letter is clear and direct to the point. The sender of complaint was able to express his purpose in the letter which is for the company to hire more drivers. The sender of letter of accommodation was also able to express the company`s willingness and openness to the suggestion.
Position: The letter of David Marcus is very persuasive. After stating the delay he experienced on the 6[th] of the September, he was able to clearly state what he wanted to happen.
Attitude toward subject: As a secondary reader, I can feel the dilemma of David Marcus. At the same time, I appreciate the way the customer service responded.
Reader`s Purpose:
What should the reader know after reading? After reading the letter, the reader hopes to know how the concern of David Marcus was resolved.
What should the reader be able to do after reading? After reading the letter, the reader should be able to know what to do when the same situation happens to him/her.
What attitude should the reader have after reading? After reading the letter, the reader must have an open mind in accepting the errors committed in writing letters in the past.
How will the reader access the material? The reader will be able to access the material through the internet.
Writer`s Purpose:
Intellectual purpose: The writer`s purpose is to offer suggestion to the cab company.
Career or monetary purpose: The writer did not hope for any monetary compensation. He merely offered suggestion for more drivers in order to improve the service of the cab company.
Hiring more drivers and engage them in a training program in order to deliver efficient service to the people.
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