1. Cover Page: Part I.
Aris Johnson
Melissa Halpern Rojas
September 23, 2013
Field Liaison:
Dorcas Colon
Setting, including pre-engagement comments and purpose of contact:
The meeting took place in Social Worker. The purpose was to establish the intern task and have an understanding of the role of Intern and Supervisor.
Why this interaction was selected
This interaction was based on verbal communication of establishing guidelines on task assigned whether group or individual families.
Client background:
Impressions of client: (verbal/nonverbal behaviors)
No client background to report at this time.
Narrative: objective accounting of events:
My Supervisor and I have had several short dialogues on what role as an intern will I contribute to the family service department. Reading emails and documentation sent from the Touro college created initial conversation.
“Tuning in” to narrative what was going on in interaction for you/for client:
Our dialogue was professional and warm. My supervisor was able to give me concrete suggestions on ways of developing skill as intern, in Social Work.
Concrete or abstract goals` short and long term, for either you or the client (any change in goals):
My goal was to get the initial dialogue started with my Supervisor, and develop a professional relationship.
Summary of client/situation progress towards attainment of goals:
My supervisor called for me to discuss the tasks I need to accomplish for my internship. Enumerating the tasks was conducted in order to establish what type of assignment will be designated to me as an intern in the family services department.
No client has been assigned to my internship.
In what phase of work are you working in now with this client? At this stage, I am at Phase 1 which is preparing.
1. Preparing, pre-engagement. 2. Beginning, engagement. 3. Exploring. 4. Assessing. 5. Intervention/s. 6. Contracting.
7. Working/intervening/evaluating. 8. Ending.
(see Cournoyer, B. The Social Work Skills Workbook, 6[th] edition, 2011)
Hindsight/Evaluation of practice:
Hindsight/Evaluation of practice: Any responses to questions or issues, resources needed, clarification of policy, suggested readings required?
I initially needed additional clarification of the required for my internship.
What interventions worked/ and which didn`t work given the socio-cultural context of the client`s presenting problem/s and underlying issues?
No client has been assigned as of this time.
“If I had to do this interaction all over again, what would I do differently, and why?”
I would jot down notes and ask questions related to cases that have been handled in the past. In doing so, I would be able to gain complete understanding of the tasks to be done and the necessary cautions that need to be applied in dealing with clients
“If I had to do this interaction all over again, what would I do exactly the same, and why?”
I would still be attentive and ask questions.
What were the major themes in the session?
The major themes include awareness of one`s duty, proper handling of clients, and establishing positive rapport with clients and colleagues.
What challenges were presented in this session?
No difficulties were experienced during a session with my supervisor. Tasks were presented in a clear manner.
What did you learn from the session that adds to your understanding of the client?
No client assigned as of this time.
What work was accomplished in this session?
Being able to gain an understanding of the tasks to be performed as an intern.
What concepts or theories did you apply and use in this session?
2. Part II. Interaction: Your name: Client: Page
(see above for #s)
(see attached list)
How have you been doing?
Being amiable.
The supervisor is concerned about my feelings towards the whole internship.
Me: I am doing great and feeling excited. Thank you.
I am showing respect to my supervisor by responding politely.
Showing respect and responding in a polite manner can help establish good rapport.
I understand that being an intern, you are still trying to adjust in the work facility. It is important to understand that as an intern, there are certain policies that need to be followed. These policies pertain to social conduct during internship periods.
As an intern, there is a great need to comply with the rules and regulations of the work facility in order to maintain smooth flow of services. Reporting time is at 8 am. In case of absence, please inform me ahead.
Clear so far?
Proper attention to the needs of an intern.
The supervisor is performing her task well by presenting the things to be expected in the workplace. Asking me about the clarity of her statements shows that she is careful in laying down the tasks so that I will not feel overwhelmed.
Me: Clear, Ma`am.
Affirmative response
By responding to the supervisor, I also sent a signal that she may continue.
Tell me about what you expect to experience with us.
The supervisor is trying to explore my knowledge.
Me: In the university, we were taught how to interact properly with others especially to individuals who belong to a different culture or race.
I am sharing the most important part of interaction which is flexibility in social and interaction skills.
Knowing how to interact with individuals from diverse culture is a positive thing because every now and then, you will encounter clients who come from different backgrounds.
The supervisor is giving me a signal that I am on the right track in terms of social interaction.
In the coming days, I will be giving you a client to handle. His name is Emmanuel. I will give you his records for you to know his history.
The supervisor is making me aware about the very first client that I will be handling in the coming days.
Me: Thank you, Ma`am. I am excited to meet Emmanuel. I will read his records soon.
I am letting the supervisor know that I am enthusiastic about my internship.

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