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Overall Learning Goals
My overall goals are to enhance my knowledge in the Human Resources
field through research and learning. I plan to gain as much as I can
through the courses offered to me. As I complete my first assignments,
I am convinced that I will gain the skills to be a leader and a scholar.
My goal is to one day be a Director and at the same time be a University
level professor.
Description of Coursework
My plan to complete my coursework and work on my dissertation. In each
course, I hope to gain knowledge in assisting me in my completion
dissertation. In Management in Human Societal Development course, I hope
to gain more in the management area. In Research, Theory and Design, I
hope to gain understanding of research and its processes and I can apply
the knowledge and skills that I developed. In Managing Organizational
Systems and Complexity, I would hope to learn different ways of mapping
and analyzing different organizations for change. In Organizational
Behavior and Effective Human Resources Management, will properly be one
of my favorite courses. It is an area where I am familiar with and will
be researching topics in organizational behaviors including engaging in
group activities, discussion and writing assignment. Another course I
will also enjoy is Strategic Thinking for Effective Human Resource
Management. This course will discuss the role of metrics, knowledge of
management and HR information systems that supports HR. These are just
a few of the courses that I will be enrolled in that will help me in my
dissertation once it is completed. After reviewing the courses, I know
each one will play a different role in my learning and gaining global
aspects of Human Resource management.

My plan in completing my post graduate education is through keeping a
positive altitude , prioritizing ,persevering this has not been an easy
journey but I will hang on till the end .Will put in more deal of
exercise, eating a healthy diet which research has proven that
physically fit persons perform better.
Choosing a dissertation topic to work on from that am passionate about
in this last bit towards completing this course will come in handy
because it means no boredom and easy to work and complete areas that am
interested about. As citied in (Estelle M. Phillips et al, 2000)
I will commit myself towards the research topic and subtopics to develop
a smart study program because PhD study is not something that can be
undertaken in a half-hearted way .At this stage, I will write thesis
abstracts. The abstracts will help me clarify my topic and potential
contributions. I will set objectives and dates when I will complete
different stages of the PhD. citied in (Estelle M. Phillips et al, 2000)
Reflect on carrying out an effective data collection, analysing and
interpreting the different results. This will build on my thesis writing
and presentation skills.
The learning process is a cyclical process in which I need to identify
my development goal, initiate the action(s) that i need to achieve my
goal and t periodically to evaluate my progress. Taking time to evaluate
and reflecting on my progress is essential to enable me to make
necessary changes to my plan. When evaluating my progress i need to ask
What have I learnt?
What more do I need to do to achieve my goals?
Is my progress too slow or ahead of schedule?
Do I need any assistance to achieve my goal?
What’s hindering my progress?
Do I need to change my plan?
What additional benefits am I gaining from the process?
Opportunities in human resource management.
I will explore new opportunities for social change related to human
resource management. Like new strategies in business leadership and
advanced decision making in providing right solutions, consultancy and
desired future areas in human resource management.

How to get a PhD a handbook for students and their supervisors/Estelle
M. Phillips and Derek S. Pugh.—3rd Ed 2000.
Plan of study
Plan of study

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