A philosophical belief regards what a person believes in a person’s
belief is usually influenced by his experiences, traits, emotions and
mood (Velasquez, 2011). The philosophical view that I hold is that,
every person should be left alone to decide what he wants in life this
will be a key determinant of achieving success in life. I hold this
belief because different individuals fail in life due to following other
people’s decision regarding their life. Besides, from personal
experience, I have become successful because of following the decisions
that I have made in life. A figure from history that might hold a
similar view is Kierkegaard. I chose this historical figure because he
proposed that every person, not religion or society, should be solely
responsible for adding and giving meaning to life and live it sincerely
and passionately. This implies that a person should be responsible for
his life in making decisions.
Question 2
According to philosophers, beliefs require justification. This means
that philosophical beliefs must have reasons that make them to be held
beyond simple guessing or faith. The reasons must be objective and
should have immune to most criticism (Velasquez, 2011). Subjecting
beliefs to critical scrutiny is of importance because it helps in
aligning the beliefs to the situation in the real world (Velasquez,
2011). The more a belief is critically scrutinized, the more its
relevance is seen in the real world. Believing something without
examining it is advantageous since it helps in coping with things that
are vital for human existence for example, love. However, this is
disadvantageous in that it causes closing of the mind leading to the
rejection of growth in ideas. A specific belief that I hold is that
everyone should take the initiative of helping one another. I hold to
this because because everyone will at one time require the assistance of
another. Besides, no human is in a capacity to satisfy all his needs
without assistance.
Velasquez, M. G. (2011). Philosophy: A text with readings. Australia:
Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

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