Personal Statement

The importance of education cannot be understated in the contemporary
human society. It cuts across every sphere of that person and especially
with regard to the quality of life that the person leads. Indeed, it has
been well recognized that, while holding all things constant, an
increase in the level of education results in an increase in the quality
of life that a person leads. This is the mantra that has always
motivated me in my quest for more education especially for courses in
which my passion lies. On the same note, I have always understood that
the institution in which one pursues his or her passion plays an immense
role in ensuring or safeguarding the success of the individual in the
academic arena, as well as the professional life. This is essentially
why I chose Seattle University.
I am a Taiwanese student, who moved to the United States 8 years ago. I
went through the Middle School and High School, after which I went to
Shoreline Community College. As an international student, I had
difficulty making friends or interacting with other people, thanks to
the language barrier, in which case I started attending ESL classes so
as to shore up my proficiency in English. The improvement in my
proficiency in English language gave me the impetus to interact with the
different people from different cultural and racial backgrounds. Indeed,
I noticed that I could fit in and catch up with others. I realized that
I needed an institution where I could interact with individuals from
diverse backgrounds, an opportunity that is provided by Seattle
Indeed, an incredible academic experience revolves around the
structures that are in place for the attainment of the academic success,
as well as for the enhancement of one’s social life. Seattle
University provides a conducive environment that allows for the
development of quality and respectful relationships and social lives for
and with individuals from all cultural and racial backgrounds. This
would come in handy in enhancing success in my academic life, as well as
professional life in business. Indeed, I feel that Seattle University
would be ideal for me, especially considering that it has been ranked
the 6th in the 2014 edition of the Best Colleges and Regional
Universities (U.S News, 2013). Its low student-faculty ratio that stands
at 12:1, with more than half of its classes (51.1 percent) having fewer
than twenty (20) students would essentially allow for enhanced attention
on the students by the faculty and the lecturers (U.S News, 2013). On
the same note, I feel that, with the history and the background of
Seattle University, it will not be difficult to have a mentor from the
same institution who has excelled in his or her profession, especially
in business. Indeed, I have been under the mentorship of my elder
brother, an alumnus of Seattle University who has a successful career in
the hotel industry in Taiwan. Working as an intern in his business
opened my mind to marketing and business in general, and allowed me to
interact with individuals from different backgrounds, as well. These are
the experiences and the skills that I would love to nurture, a feat that
can only be accomplished by the diversity that is provided by Seattle
University, which would enhance my skills regarding interactions,
interpersonal communication and how to work with people from diverse
The combination of academic excellence, social and cultural diversity,
as well as conducive environment would essentially go a long way in
enhancing my fostering and enhancing my academic and professional
U.S News (2013). Seattle University. Education and Colleges. Retrieved

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