Personal Statement

The society has woken up to the realization of the importance of
education in the life of individuals and the country at large, thanks to
the bearing that it has on the quality or standards of life for
individuals. Indeed, education has been tied to the economic wellbeing
of the country at large especially considering that it expands the
knowledge base of an individual, as well as his capacity to think and
internalize issues both in the academic life and the professional life.
Even more important is the institution in which one pursues his or her
academic goals, which underlines my reasons for seeking a transfer to
Seattle University.
I am an international student who moved to the United States about 8
years ago. I have been pursuing a course in computer science, primarily
driven by the prestige that comes with the course rather than a real
passion for it. Indeed, I was not sure about what I wanted to do with my
life as far as academics and career is concerned. This may have been
triggered by the fact that I was yet to gain proficiency in the English
language. However, I have been taking ESL classes, which have enhanced
my knowledge of the same and allowed of more interactions with people
from diverse backgrounds. This has resulted in the realization of my
real passion, which is business and marketing. In essence, I needed to
look for an institution that ranks highly in business courses, and one
that incorporates diversity in the composition of its students. This is
the reason as to why I settled for Seattle University, an institution
that has been ranked the 6th in the 2014 edition of the Best Colleges
and Regional Universities (U.S News, 2013). This is coupled by the low
student-faculty ratio (12:1), which would allow the lecturers to give
every student individualized attention, which is essential for success
in the academic and the professional life of an individual (U.S News,
On the same note, my interactions with people from diverse backgrounds
have opened me up to numerous opportunities and honed my interpersonal
and communication skills. Indeed, it has cemented my capacity not only
to oversee business activities but also to carry out marketing
activities in varied capacities. I can only maximize the utility that I
derive from these skills if they are nurtured in an institution that is
not only recognized for its academic excellence but also for the diverse
communities, races, religion and ethnicities that converge to make up
its wholesome community. Indeed, these are aspects that I am sure can be
found in the institution, something that I have ascertained through
interactions with my elder brother who is passed through the institution
and went on to become a successful businessman in the hotel industry.
Indeed, I believe that it would not be difficult to come across other
individuals from the same institution who have gone ahead to become
successful in marketing and business, just as is the case with my
brother. Such individuals are not only testament to the academic
excellence of the institution, but also come off as mentors to the
current crop of students and other upcoming business people. In essence,
the main help from the institution rests on three aspects namely, the
provision of a conducive environment for learning, support for social
interactions across race and ethnic lines, as well as provision of
academic guidance that would set the foundation for the career. It is my
sincere hope that I would get an opportunity to join the institution.
U.S News (2013). Seattle University. Education and Colleges. Retrieved

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