Party Platforms and Winning Elections

Different political parties have varied or almost similar strategies in
dealing with issues such as the health, economy, environment among
others. In this assignment, the goals of the Republican, Democratic and
the Green Parties will be analyzed in regard to economic issues.
The Republican Party goal in regard to the economy is supporting a free
market economy, where interventionist policies that put the federal
government in control of the market are highly opposed ( HYPERLINK
“” ). The
Democratic Party seeks to strengthen the economy through job creation,
which will be achieved by creating tax cuts to small businesses, ending
tax loopholes for corporations, and through investing in a clean energy
economy ( HYPERLINK
“” ). On the other
hand, the Green Party has a goal of developing community based economics
and ensuring economic justice, where it supports private and public
enterprises that distribute resources to individuals through democratic
participation ( HYPERLINK “” ). All the three parties support the
ideology of a participatory economy, but they compare in how they engage
the public sin building the economy. Besides, the notion of democracy is
evident in the parties since a free market will give sellers to set
their own prices, which depicts freedom (Schaffner, 2012). Job creation
also implies that individuals will have financial freedom and thus not
rely on others. On the other hand, public participation proposed by the
Green Party depicts democracy.
All the three parties have persuasive goals of winning an election
however, the voters are likely to vote for the party that seems to
support their economic strength. Free market perspective is less
effective since the federal government must become involved in the
provision of merits and public goods (Schaffner, 2012). Besides,
creating a community based economy is less effective because resources
may not be distributed equitably. However, job creation as a means of
strengthening the economy concentrating on tax loopholes and cutting
taxes for small business is more effective since it does not create
discrimination implying more voters are likely to support the Democratic
Party ideology.
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