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The technological world has been changing rapidly in the recent years. This has resulted in the manufacture of technologically advanced machinery such as digital televisions, tablets and smart phones among others (Rahmati and Zhong 14). The modern generation has gone crazy over smart phones. Nevertheless, several people have no information about smart phones. Therefore, the question is what are smart phones? These are mobile phones that are used in communication like the other feature phones. The only difference is that smart phones are built on operating systems like computers. They are very advanced in terms of connectivity and communication capability as compared to the normal feature phones. Smart phones also have a high speed data access. The access to data network is often enabled by either Wi-Fi or mobile broadband. The advanced features such as the operating system made the sale of smart phones overtake the sale of the normal feature phones. Except for the advantages that have accompanied the invention of smart phones, the youths have used smart phones in several negative ways. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to discuss how smart phones have hurt the youth physically, cognitively and socially.
To begin with, smart phones have caused physical negative effects on the youth for a very long time. Various parts of the world have seen the advancement of technology. However, this has brought physical harm in some way to the youths. The first way through which the smart phones have hurt the youth is that they have increased the chances of infertility among the youths. A serious side effect of electronic is that they have electromagnetic rays that once introduced into the body of an individual, will cause radioactivity. Many a times, the youths carry the phones in the pockets of their clothes or in any part of the body where the phones are in close contact with the body. The result is that the youths become infertile at a later stage. That is to say, the infertility will be considered as one of the physical side effects of smart phones.
The other way through which smart phones hurt the youth physically is that they lead to violent interactions, wars and quarrels that could cause physical injuries (Anderson and Bushman 353). How does this occur? Smart phones are very expensive gadgets. They are attractive and are on high demand. Almost all individuals in the world would like to posses smart phones. However, the only barrier between some individuals and the possession of the gadgets is the high cost and difficult access to the gadgets. Therefore, not all individuals can afford smart phones. This leads to theft, robbery and violent interactions among individuals. People with smart phones often have a rough time trying to protect their property from theft, robbery and such like acts. The outcome of the physical confrontations between the people who possess the smart phones and robbers or thieves is often physical injuries. People who possess smart phones are more prone to physical confrontations and assault than those who do not possess smart phones. Undoubtedly, it would not be wrong to say that smart phones have increased the incidences of theft and robbery which result in physical injuries and torture to the owners especially the youths.
Just like computers, smart phones are very addictive. Once an individual buys a smart phone he or she is likely to be with it everywhere and at all the time. This could result in problems with eyesight. This occurs because people who possess smart phones always seem to be looking at their phones even though there is nothing that is very vital. People spend most of their time playing phone games with their phones, watching movies and communicating via the short message services. The youths are the mostly affected. This is because they are always glued to their phones. Continuous and repeated such-like behaviors pose great risk to the eyesight of the youths. It will be more likely that after certain duration, this could cause eyesight problems. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that smart phones contribute to some percentage in the significant incidences of eyesight problems.
Before the invention of smart phones, accidents and in particular, road accidents were not very common. In the present generation, smart phones have become very attractive and addictive and this has resulted in a significant increase in the number of road carnations in the world. This occurs because people drive their vehicles and use their smart phones simultaneously. Previous research done points out that multi tasking in some way interferes with the concentration of human beings (Dennis and Debrah 27). So, when people drive and use their smart phone to communicate at the same time, it is most probable that an accident will occur. It is either the driver will get out of the way or collide with an oncoming vehicle. Road accidents in the recent years have increased and this has caused physical injuries to people especially the youth. Furthermore, the road accidents have led to an increase the global death rates. Therefore, without doubt, the invention of smart phones has led to an increase in the number of accidents hence causing physical injuries top people especially the young generation.
Apart from the physical effects that smart phones have on the youths and the old generation, there are other social effects that have ever since accompanied the invention of smart phones. Social interactions are very essential for the well being and coexistence of people in a society. However, this has been affected by the invention of smart phones. To start with, smart phones have come with several good things that have led to increased multitasking among the youths. As a matter of fact, the youths often prefer to do several things simultaneously. For example, the youths can play games through their phones, respond to calls, reply to messages and even listen to music through their phones. When all these tasks are performed at the same time, it is more likely that such an individual will not have time for other colleagues. Smart phones have withdrawn several youths from the community. Instead, the youths have sought solace in their phones. This is a very big setback to the social coexistence of human beings.
Smart phones have also hurt the social and moral life of our youths by increasing the incidences of immorality and prostitution. These phones have access to the internet. However, the youths access the internet for negative gains rather than positive gains. Certain programs in the internet are very detrimental to the lives of the youth. Take for example the several pornographic sites and programs that the youth have access to through their smart phones. Since the inception of smart phones, pornography has been on the increase globally. The youth have become sexually active and this has greatly affected their social lives. The youths especially the girls download pornographic movies from the internet, watch them and afterwards, they become sexually active. The only solution after sexual activity is to turn to prostitution. Prostitutes are socially withdrawn from the community. This causes stress and depression to them (Barker 8).
Smart phones have hurt the social well-being of the youth as they have brought more incidences and cases of social inequality. The worst thing that happens among the youth in the modern generation is social discrimination that is attributed to social class. Taking an example of the poor and the rich, it is more likely that the youths from rich back ground will afford the smart phones. Conversely, the youths from the poor back ground are unable to afford smart phones. This will lead to social discrimination due to the differences in social classes. This is mostly prevalent in social institutions such as schools and colleges. In such institutions, the youths from the well-off back grounds will tend to keep together. On the other hand, the youths from the poor back grounds will tend to stick together. This has been stimulated by the invention of smart phones. For example, the youths who possess smart phones often feel classy and tend to stick together. In the long run, they will discriminate the other youths with no access to or possession of smart phones. This has been very evident. Therefore, without doubt, it will be true to say that, smart phones have increased the incidences of social inequality among the youths.
Consequently, smart phones have also hurt the youth cognitively. This means that in one way or another, the mental capability of the youths has been interfered with. Firstly, smart phones are made in a manner that they have access to the internet. The youths view negative programs and websites that instead of helping them interfere with their grades in school (Hald and Malamuth 614). Secondly, smart phones have increased the incidences and cases of academic cheating in educational institutions. More so in universities, students often access exam rooms with their smart phones and easily access the internet. In the long run, this behavior will affect the cognitive ability of the students. Thirdly, smart phones have increased the rates of stress and depression among the youths. This occurs when the youths have financial constraints that make it difficult for them to maintain their smart phones. Stress and depression also affect the cognitive ability of the youth in the long run.
In conclusion, since the inception of the Smartphone technology, there have been several positive and negative impacts that have accompanied the technology. However, the technology has negatively influenced the physical, cognitive and social lives of the youth. Measure should be put in place to control the access and use of smart phones among the youths if such impacts are to be done away with.
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