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Psychology at work
Shawn Achor is an author and educator who argued that happiness is the drive that enables people to achieve their targets at both work and personal life. Although it is not always possible, every person would like to have a successful and happy life. During the pursuit of happiness and success, people tend to apply the wrong formula (Achor, 2011). Everyone must understand that hard work determination and dedication encourages realization of success. However, success must not necessarily result in happiness particularly when the process faces much negativity. Achor believed that happiness is the drive to success and reserve formula does not offer reliable outcomes. He explained that when people are happy in their lives, they tend to develop ideas that are more positive, becomes creative and productive. This is because happy people have a positive self-image that boosts their self-esteem and their confidence at work. Self esteem and confidence are important determinants of an individual`s success at work.
Achor (2011) asserts that happy people in workplaces have strong social support networks. There are organizations whose workers form welfare groups. These groups provide support to their members. This support can be material, information or socialization. It is good for people to make friends with colleagues. Colleagues who are friends will express care, concern and extend acts of benevolence to each other. When people live together, they do conflict at times. People working in an organization can come up with their unique way of settling conflicts. This way, the work place, will be harmonious and will promote people`s happiness.
Leaders in an organization must have confidence, trust and behaviors that support positive thinking among their workers. They must seek to encourage happiness among the workers through training their them for positive reasoning and rational optimism (Achor, 2011). The relationship between managers and workers determine the success of both the workers and the organization. Managers can consider involving employees in decision making. They can also encourage workers to approach work with innovation and creativity. Approaching work in a routine way can make people be bored with work and they can easily burn out. The freedom to try new ways of approaching work makes individuals feel unrestricted. Restricted employees are unhappy, and this stifles their potential. Working in a free environment will make individuals go an extra mile with their commitment and determination to work. Such an environment can improve workers` performance at work.
Happiness in the workplace is an individual responsibility too. One can adopt measures of promoting his happiness and that of people with whom he or she works. I feel happy when working in a team where every person feels committed and motivated towards the achievement of a common goal. Even so, regardless of how one`s colleagues or boss conduct themselves, one have to come up with ways of remain happy in the workplace. This takes a deliberate and conscious decision to avoid people and situations that would distress an individual. Individuals need to make time for personal and professional development. Self-development helps sharpen people`s skills and adds onto their fulfillment with their job. One needs to identify an area in which they want to grow, and after that they can even request for necessary help (Achor, 2011). Such persons become useful to an organization because they contribute to the realization of an organization`s targets and objectives.
The place where one is working determines the happiness and affects the realization of success. For instance, the working environment may either motivate or discourage hard work and determination. Such an environment influences realization of an efficient organizational culture and behavior. Working conditions also entails the quality of tools and equipments applied, as well the worker`s experience. Achor (2011) states that favorable working places and conditions make me happy because they encourage quality work, team work and worker`s commitment. It is my sincere wish that every involved person makes an effort to improve their working environment in order to realize happiness, and better returns on their work. An example of good working conditions includes involving workers in decision making.
Things such as wages, salaries, allowances, and gifts are some of the sources of happiness in workplaces. I believe that they tend to trigger feelings of satisfaction and encourage people to work hard to achieve the best performance. I wish to advise organizations to consider offering competitive compensations to their workers as a method of motivating them to deliver improved services. According to Achor (2011), it is crucial for organizations to understand that offering a reasonable compensation helps realize a lot from workers. Such workers eliminate mistakes that are likely to cost the business in terms of down time, losses, and rejects. For instance, a well paying company realizes lower rates of workers turnover and finds it easy to achieve its targets and objectives. This is because paying well helps retain workers so that they do not go running to other organizations.
If one is to be happy in the work place, it is necessary for him, or her to take the initiative to know what is current in the organization. Sometimes the organization could decide to sack or retrench due to financial constraints. When an individual is too busy at work, they may not realize when retrenchment happens. They may also not know when the management of the organization has introduced a new policy. Feedback is crucial for anybody who is working. Feedback expresses where one is doing well and where they need to improve. Sometimes, an individual can be soaked in their job until they forget to take care of themselves (Achor, 2011). In such instances, an individual is oblivious of his or her energy levels and can quite easily slip into burnout. This way, they cannot be surprised with warnings from the management.
In conclusion, happiness in life is not easy to achieve and may sometimes take a long period. It calls for people`s commitment and determinations towards elimination of life`s negative issues. I believe that for people to realize their success, they must concentrate on the positive factors affecting life. Although people tend to work hard, it is not automatic that they lead a happy life. I wish to advise people that success only comes after achievement of happiness (Achor, 2011). It is not possible for a person who is not happy with what he is doing to succeed. The negatives involved would encourage development of an environment that is not favorable to success.
Achor, S. (2011). The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work. New York: Ebury Publishing.

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