This report seeks to generate an efficient marketing strategy from relative market researches, feasibility studies and strategic analysis to benefit both retailers and consumers of the raw food market in Huxuan Residential Community.
As people`s living standard continues to improve during the decade, consumers` expectation and requirement on the quality, convenience and price of raw food consumption becomes much higher. By applying the traditional model of raw food trading, some problems existed in the local raw food market. These problems include but are not limited to the following:
* Relatively high price driven by additional interests between multiple intermediates and irregular price setting
* Food quality affected by the lack of market-oriented management mechanism and insufficient food safety monitoring system
* Inconvenient and unsatisfactory shopping experience by using the current operating system
* Backward Marketing Strategy (a strategic approach that compares raw food industry in many Western countries)
Direct marketing of raw foods is a new business model that can help solve the problems mentioned. Direct marketing strategy is based on the direct encounter between “production” and “retailing” which brings a revolution to the industry and has been accepted by various social groups. The direct marketing model effectively covers concentrated areas of urban uptown, shortens straight-line purchasing distance, and diminishes the complexity of intermediate transfer which could reduce the expenses significantly. At the same time, direct marketing supports the quality and safety tracking throughout the process – from production base to purchasing line. The success of “City Garden” further proves broad prospects and valuable opportunities for the raw food direct marketing model. In addition, direct marketing model provides reference frame and valuable experiences for the construction of this project.

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