Media Assignment-Macbeth movie

Media Assignment-Macbeth movie
The context of the movie Macbeth is in Scotland, and the movie involves
the tragic life of an army general. Macbeth movie is an exceptional
movie that combines adventure and tragedy in the entire plot. The movie
is characterized by brief scenes and episodes of heroism following the
triumph of Macbeth and his colleague in battle (In Drakakis, 2013). The
happy scenes are overshadowed by violence, murder and tyranny in
Scotland following the murder of King Duncan, by Macbeth. Macbeth
received a prophecy from witches on his way home that he would become
the King of Scotland. However, the heirs to the throne were to come from
the home of Macbeth’s colleague. Macbeth was paranoid that his rule
was not safe while his colleague was alive, and he engaged into a stream
of violence and murder eliminating everyone who was a threat to his
power (In Drakakis, 2013). By the time the movie comes to an end, lots
of people had died because of power greed and wrong counsel.
With regard to Macbeth movie, there are various moral lessons that can
be learnt from the events and scenes in the movie. The initial lesson
concerns greed for political power and governance (Kliman, 1995). It is
imperative for every person to observe patience and wait for their
fortunes to come in the right way. Haste and rush can result to
destruction of life and tyranny, in a nation. Further, bad deeds follow
the perpetrators and haunt them for the rest of their lives (Kliman,
1995). For instance, Lady Macbeth was haunted by the ghosts of the king
and the guards, as well as the guilty of conspiring to kill the king.
Eventually, the lady committed suicide out of guilt feelings and
torments from the ghosts of the people she conspired to kill (In
Drakakis, 2013). Further, it is crucial to consider the consequences
and possible outcomes of the actions of an individual before committing
to doing something regrettable. For instance, Macbeth followed the wrong
counsel from his wife and killed the king for the throne. The death of
the king was the beginning of all evil (Kliman, 1995). Finally, good
always surpasses and suppresses evil, in the long run. Evil people might
enjoy their little moment in the sun, but their evil deeds sweep them
off their fortune.
The movie Macbeth compares best with a couple of chapters in the book.
The first chapter is on violence and there numerous instances of
violence in the movie. Violence describes behaviors and acts of an
individual towards another person with the intent to cause harm.
Violence is deliberate and malicious and in most cases result to loss of
life and sometimes friendship (In Drakakis, 2013). The initial act of
violence was directed to the king and his guards who were murdered in
cold blood, by Macbeth. The rest of the movie is filled with acts of
violence and atrocities towards innocent people.
The second chapter of the book that compares with the movie Macbeth is
the chapter on relationships. Movie portrays the most conspicuous
relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The two had a totally
unhealthy relationship, which was laden with deception, manipulation and
wrong counsel (Kliman, 1995). Macbeth failed to reason, and he allowed
emotions and greed of power control his actions. For a healthy
relationship, Lady Macbeth should have been glad for the idea of her
husband being the king of Scotland, and proceed to preparing Macbeth to
become the best king. The relationship in the movie reveals the
magnitude of social influence
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