Meaning of Life Meaning of life

Questions pertaining to the ultimate meaning of life have always
attracted controversial responses and opinions. Indeed, while
significantly few philosophers have addressed questions on the existence
of a single fundamental meaning of life, the incapacity to come up with
one may indicate that none exists (Messerly, 2012). There exists a
possibility that in determining the “meaning of life” people mean
the conditions that would be worth immense admiration or pride, values
that attract love and devotion, or rather qualities that would make life
more intelligible. While there are numerous, heterogeneous ideas
pertaining to the meaning of life, God-centered account comes as most
significant (Messerly, 2012). This view states that God has a plan for
the entire universe, in which case an individual’s life would be
meaningful to the scope or extent that one fulfils Gods plan in the
manner in which God would want him or her to. Failure to do this would
render an individual’s life meaningless.
The question on the importance of philosophy has always invited
inconclusive answers. This may have emanated from the fact that
philosophy does not come with any particular subject matter, in which
case it would be impossible to define it in line with a particular field
(Paul & Elder, 2006). However, its importance may lay in the fact that
it pursues questions rather than answers, all in an effort to obtain the
truth (Paul & Elder, 2006). In essence, its applicability would revolve
around enhancing an individual’s capacity to engage in critical
thinking, which involves careful acquisition, as well as interpretation
of information, and its utilization in coming to a well-justified
conclusion. It allows for the analysis, evaluation, explanation and
restructuring of one’s thinking, thereby lowering the possibility that
one would adopt, act on, or even think through a false belief (Paul &
Elder, 2006).
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