Marketing has always been a fundamental aspect of the business world.

It determines the profitability and sustainability of business entities
both in the long-term and the short-term, as it has a bearing on the
image that the entity creates for itself, as well as the number of
people that would know about its products. However, the increased
importance of marketing has also resulted in an increase in the costs of
the same. This has necessitated that companies and business entities
come up with ways in which they can realize the maximum benefits for
every coin that they put into marketing. It is well acknowledged that
products will only appeal to a certain groups of people, who share some
common features. This is the basis for or logic behind target marketing.
Target marketing underlines the segmentation of the market thereby
allowing for the concentration of a business entity’s marketing
efforts on the key segments (Zikmund and D`Amico 13). The essence of
target marketing revolves around the fact that it makes the pricing,
promotion, as well as distribution of the services and products of the
business to be more cost effective and easier, while creating a focus
for all the marketing activities of the business entity. Target
marketing does not revolve around the exclusion of people that do not
fit the criteria from buying the business entity’s products, rather it
allows the business to concentrate its marketing efforts and brand
message to specific markets that have a higher likelihood for buying the
products and services offered than the other markets (Zikmund and
D`Amico 15). This comes as a more effective, affordable and efficient
technique for reaching potential customers and generating business. Such
is the case for Indoor Tanning in Darque Tan.
Target marketing Strategy
The strategy used revolves around determining the needs that the
products meets, segmenting the market and selecting the segments that
would be appropriate, as well as selecting products that would be
offered in every segment. Indoor Tanning Companies create value through
enhancing ambience and aesthetic look of indoor spaces. These can be
used in affluent areas, gyms, spas/salons and college campuses, which
may be reached through events/ conventions, advertisement and even the
use of celebrities. For this business, the target population is
primarily women aged between 15 and 30. It would be imperative that the
business determines whether the varied segments would receive a single
generic product, or whether every segment would get customized products
and services, based on the maturity and diversity of the market,
expected sales volume and even the level of competition.
Target marketing, like advertising, needs to adhere to certain ethical
guidelines. Texas laws require that adverts be non-deceptive and
truthful, with the advertisers having evidence to support their claims.
Introduction to the tanning industry
The Indoor Tanning industry is a multibillion industry in the United
States with more than 28 million Americans going to more than 19000
salons annually. It is primarily involved with the improvement of the
lightness of the skin, or rather tanning the skin of the clients. Darque
Tan is a Luxury tanning Salon that has varied locations including St
Louis park, Plymouth and even Newton, Ma. New customers of the salon are
allowed to try out its products and services free of charge, which comes
as an incredible marketing technique, as the clients would undoubtedly
feel inclined to buy the services in the future.
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