Marcos and Nadia Cabrera my story

Needs statement
Current trends in consumer behaviour globally have seen increased demand for customized products with 35% of U.S. online consumers interested in customized products (PTC Creo, 2013). Majority of these consumers are young people who are used to customized goods and services such as twitter pages, avatars, ringtones and others and are willing to pay more to access products that match their unique identities and make them stand out from the rest (Needleman, 2010).
Mission Requirements
The MyStory project is a creative concept that seeks to provide personalized children`s storybooks on demand with a view to promote interest in learning in young children and also uphold their identity on a different platform. To achieve this, the project requires
* Specialized software
* High quality printers
* Screen projectors to illustrate characters
* Location in multiple venues
* Shop attendants
Vision statement
To revolutionize children learning and story books by creating a personalized storybook that motivates you child to learn more and identify with stores and characters for better emotional, cognitive and wholesome development.
A mother and her daughter enter a MyStory kiosk in mall. The mother enquires about the availability of a story that befits her daughter`s chosen characters. The attendant asks about the chosen characters and the daughter narrates. The shop attendant feeds that information into the system and identifies there is a match. The shop attendant allows asks the mother and daughter to choose the faces of the characters that they would like to assign to each characters from booklet that has many faces. The attendant assists them in making the choices. The mother and daughter choose the faces and the attendant confirms with the system. The attendant reports that the book is ready for printing. He informs the mother and daughter to wait for ten minutes.
Ten minutes later, the attendant appears and apologizes to the clients over the delay. He gives them the reason for the delayed printing as lack of enough ink in the printer cartridge. He excuses himself to fetch another ink cartridge from the store. After an additional ten minutes, the book is ready. The mother and daughter pay for the book and leave.
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