Journal entry JE #1

In order to achieve effective oral presentation, individuals need to
concentrate on what they say (verbal), everything the addressees will
hear (voice) and everything physical an audience can see (visual). A
presenter should balance the three elements, and capitalize on
signal-to-vocal ratio. Te rule of the thumb is arranging thoughts in
advance. Memorized information sounds as if it is being read from a
JE #2 Deborah Tannen on writing
Academic writing emphasizes on objectivity, thus researchers are
restricted from incorporating personal bias and experiences in the
outcome. Nonetheless, Deborah Tannen’s argument is applicable in
linguistics only. Introducing bias in disciplines such as chemistry and
sociology is not essential because a deviation from the set facts can
come because of inaccuracies. Besides, using first person makes
information look informal and non-academic.
JE #3 Luc Sante
People take part in gossip circles through sharing little known
information on trendy topics. People often gossip about unconfirmed
information of interest to them or their society. When gossip is
applied in entertainment news, gossip columns, and celebrity magazines,
gossipers should specify that the information is unconfirmed in order to
avoid tainting reputation of the involved individuals.
JE #4
The last time I told a lie is today. I cheated that I was too full to
accompany my friends to lunch, although I was hungry and too broke to
afford lunch. The most significant lie I ever told was that I loved my
previous girlfriend. I liked her company and intimacy, but had no
romantic feelings towards her. The lie made me hurt her emotions so much
later that we are now enemies.
JE #5
One experience I remember of doublespeak was a time the attorney general
requested the Supreme Court to sit in a civil rights groups versus state
as amicus curiae (a friend or special adviser of a court). I often hear
double speak in the media such as senior citizens (older people), job
flexibility (job insecurity) shared sacrifices (taxes) and internment
facility (prison).
JE #6 Chitra Divakaruni
I do not support the author that children should work in harsh
environment in order to acquire basic supplies. Parents allowing
children to fend for their personal needs are irresponsible. In case
they cannot provide for the children, they should avoid bearing many
kids so that the little income they earn can be adequate to them. in
third world countries, parents often bear several children so that they
can take care of them at old age instead of bearing few children that
will enable them to save for their future.
JE #7 Sarah Adams
My operating philosophy in life is that I should learn from mistakes and
knowledge of others. For instance, I do not have to wait until I suffer
from an STI to know they exist and yet I have read about these diseases.
In addition, I like trusting my eyes in case what I am hearing and what
I am seeing does not match e.g a friend convinces me that I am old and
ugly, and yet I am feeling young and handsome, I will believe my
personal observations.
JE #8 Chris Anderson
The most common platform I use to access popular culture is social
media, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Some of the popular cultures
I have encountered in the previous six months include latest men jeans
(fashion magazine), Arab uprising (media), latest controversial jokes
(social media), latest Hollywood movie (theaters), and the trendiest
luxury cars (business magazines and dailies).
JE #9 Don Dellilo
I can identify with the narrators fascination on the footage of the shot
man. After 9/11 attacks, I watched the videotape of how the building was
blasted repeatedly with disbelief on what was happening. I could not
believe that someone terrorists were actually that ruthless. After
watching the number of people who died, I developed strong disgust
towards extremists and fully supported America’s attack on Afghanistan
to flush out former Al-Qaeda leader.
JE #10 Gloria Naylor
Just like Naylor, I once experienced stereotypes language when I was
applying for a college scholarship. The examiner told me that they give
their scholarships to elite students only, and it seemed I was an
academic dwarf because I had not attained grade A. Her statement amazed
and embarrassed because I was actually qualified to join a public
college, only that my grade was not the best. I lest the office
immediately and have never sought for scholarship from that time.
JE # 11 Christine Leong
Just as Leong is defensive towards her father, I once defended my father
from police harassment. The law enforcers were arresting him so that he
could bribe them. However, I intervened and asked them why they are
arresting my dad and he has not committed an offence. They said because
they had the right to do so.
JE # 12 Dagoberto Gilb
All my friends are fashion maniacs. They often criticize me that I wear
cheap and outdated clothes. However, I prefer to buy clearance sales
that cost only about 20% of their cost when they were launched, instead
of spending a lot of money to compete with emerging trends that lasts
less than a year. To me, pride is assertiveness to follow my heart
desires, though they may conflict with other people’s ideas.
JE # 13 Emily Dickinson
When I was ten years old, I was involved in a serious car accident.
Doctors expressed uncertainty that my back injuries will not cause
permanent paralysis. However, my friends and relatives prayed and
encouraged me that I would recover completely. This motivation gave me
hope and positive attitude towards my condition that helped to recover
fully, and faster than the doctors expected.
JE # 14 Colleen Wenke
I support Wenke’s view that cheating n exams is acceptable. Since he
is learning in an environment where almost everyone is cheating, you
have to cheat to attain the common standard (Kennedy, Kennedy, and Aaron
535). Cheating in my school is rampant, but students cheat for the
sake of achieving better grade that will at least enable them to acquire
a lucrative career.
JE # 15 Brian Williams
I am mainly interested in political news, and I prefer acquiring the
information from the internet because I can read timely international
news that is not broadcast in the mainstream media. In addition, news
broadcast are so summarized that they give fewer details about certain
events than an individual would get from reading from the internet.
JE #16 Andie Wurster
I use social sites, Facebook, for entertainment purposes and meeting
both new and old friends. However, I have been a subject of ridicule on
Facebook after I posted an embarrassing picture. I had taken it
shirtless. I uploaded and forgot to restrict its access to friends. Some
people took it and wrote ‘fridge raider’ because I am a bit
JE # 17 Katha Pollitt
The significance of marriage is keeping each other company. However,
some people mistake that people get married in order to conceive and
continue humankind generation. Married people can adopt children and
help them continue growing gradually. On the other hand, married people
are different from a couple staying together since marriage is a
covenant. A couple staying together do not make promises to remain
faithful or stay together forever.
JE # 18 Charles Colson
Children raised by single parents often lack balanced lifestyles like
their counterparts raised by both parents. This is because mothers and
fathers play different roles in training children kids when they are
growing. For instance, a boy raised by a single mother may lack fatherly
experience. In addition, single parents’ children are likely to be
neglected because their guardians are busy fending for their them.
JE # 19 Adnan R. Khan
Two years ago, I was arrested when walking in the streets with my
friends and detained in a police station for a couple of hours. The
police were questioning me about the bomb I had allegedly planted in a
car. I was so scared and cried throughout trying to prove my innocence.
I later learned that I was arrested because the original suspect was
wearing a red t-shirt and cap like mine. It was a wrong identity case. I
felt relieved after I was released.
JE # 20
A few months back I was travelling in a night public transport bus.
There were about ten other passengers and over 50% of the other seats
were vacant. By the third stage, only four passengers and I were
remaining. Then four heavily built men, wearing dark glasses and long
black trench coats boarded the bus. I was scared stiff because they
resembled gangsters.
JE # 21 Mark Krikorian
In Krikorian’s article, the word enemy is used to refer to security
threats seeking to kill innocent Americans. The enemies of the United
States are both local and foreign citizens that conspires to kill
innocent civilians, engage in unethical activities that harms American
economy and people who sell confidential American information to its
JE # 22 Edwidge Danticat
When I was in fifth grade, I stopped in front of a classroom to tie up
my shoelaces. After one hour, I was summoned to the staffroom and
accused that I locked up a teacher in a classroom from outside. Both the
teacher and students had seen me stand by the door the time I allegedly
locked them up. I was punished by one-week suspension for disrespecting
a teacher. I felt bitter on the person who locked up the teacher such
that I still find it hard to forgive him even now, though I do not him
or her.
JE # 23 Sandra Cisneros
I do not support Cisneros’ father ideology that success is determined
in terms of money. Success can be determined from other dimensions such
as excellence in other dimensions such as academic talent, communication
skills and sports excellence among others. I consider successful people
in a society as people who have something positive to contribute to the
well being of everyone. My ideology of success comes from my school
education, parents’ motivation and widespread reading of philosophies.
JE # 24 Joan Didion
Stress is a common condition that causes mind unrest. It makes a person
develop fear of the unknown. It can be caused by several conditions
such as anxiety of an issue to grief. A person suffering from stress
can deteriorate to depression over time. However, it can be treated
using medications and natural relaxing techniques.
JE #25 Barbara Ehrenreich
Although Ehrenreich dismisses the notion of innate characteristic
inheritance, I do not support his ideology because I believe my music
talent is natural (Kennedy, Kennedy, and Aaron 599). My mother and her
maternal family are gifted in music. I am also able to sing perfectly,
although I have never been to a music training school. I attribute this
to natural predisposition towards music charisma.
JE #26 Stephen Jay Gould
Just as Gould asserts that he develop feeling of innocence towards young
animals and kids, I do have such emotions. I fear dogs because a mad dog
bit my leg when I was young. However, I feel comfortable holding and
washing puppies because I feel they cannot harm me. However, this is a
predisposition towards some people. For example, my best friends often
suspect kids coming close to him are sent by their parents or other
people to spy on him (Kennedy, Kennedy, and Aaron 508).
Kennedy, X J, Dorothy M. Kennedy, and Jane E. Aaron. The Bedford Reader.
Boston: Bedford/St. Martin`s, 2009. Print.

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