Job Safety Analysis Case

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Job Safety Analysis Case
The case above presents a case of negligence on the side of supervisors
and works at the sewer facility which led to the accident. The deaths of
the four individuals in the site were a totally avoidable incident if
proper job safety measures were taken into consideration and adhered to.
If job safety analysis was well done and implemented, the accidents
could have been averted. The main root cause of the accident was not
only negligence on the side of the sewer work crew but also their
ignorance on safety procedure. The sewer workers crew did not mark the
designated section of the site as a confined a confined space.
The main factors that contributed to the accident are ignorance, poor
coordination and poor safety measures. Works were ignorant of the right
way of maintaining all the safety measures to the letter by not
indicating safety labels. Another factor is poor coordination and
supervision among the workers as one of them did not know what the other
workers had done. This drove the 27-year old worker to continue with the
removal of the bolt in the confined area. Poor safety measures cemented
all the other factors since they were poorly observed or not observed at
all as per the case.
The events and causal factor analysis to adapt is negligence of safety
measures and regulations. This would be applicable because of the level
of disregard to safety. The recommendations for this situation is strict
supervision and if need be a complete change of the supervision and
management of the site. The other recommendation is engagement of a
specified worker charged with the responsibility of safety indications
and measures. These measures would prevent occurrence of the risk
factors and future hazards at the site.
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Voluntary Compliance
and Beyond. Butterworth-Heinemann.

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