Darker Shades of Blue
In the case study titled Darker Shades of Blue, Anthony Kern discussed the consequences of failed leadership. There were various factors linked to the tragic events encountered by 92nd Bomb Wing. First, the failure of leaders to take commands from superiors seriously led to failure of the team to become victors. Oversight, futile command climate, and a lack of stability contributed to failed leadership (Kern, 1995).
Effective leadership`s essence is in performance. Leadership potential is a process of intensifying the capacity of organizations to acquire leadership potential in order to obtain the goals of the organization. A leader must have full knowledge of the organization`s background and operations. Successful groups have leaders who set high standards and goals across the whole range. The strength of an organization depends on the quality of relationship established by the leader among its subordinates.
A leader in command must have an established leadership style that would be beneficial in inspiring unity in the group. Leaders in command are authoritative. Leaders focus their attention on achieving goals. The commander, for instance, must individually guide the theoretical constituent of development. Poor leadership is the ultimate cause of the majority of problems that are affecting the nation all throughout the world. A leader in command must have a good character and cultural background. A military leader must possess competitive skills, moral values, moral awareness, humility, self-control, and self-esteem (Barlow and Jordan et al, 2003, p. 567). Military leaders should be firm in their decisions and must be role models to their subordinates. A good military leader is someone who views and analyzes situations objectively.
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