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Summary of Swagger Wagon Commercial
Swagger Wagon was an advertisement that was done in 2011. The advert is marketing Toyota Sienna MiniVan. During the time of the ad, minivans were considered as mom`s cars in the United States. The advert tries to bring in another view of the Sienna MiniVan as an elegant car for the contemporary family, where mom and dad are `cool` too. The hip and the `Swagg` that are at the heart of the commercial emphasizes on the new concept of Sienna MiniVan, the Swagger Wagon. The target audience is thus young parents with a family. The car advertised is portrayed as allowing freedom to both parents and their kids, while providing room parents for parents to care for their children.
The advert shows how parents can be happy and can have a cool experience with their children. In addition, the concept of gender roles has been apparent in the advert. The mum nurse in the advert says that she knows how to take care of her kids, and again how to handle the money, and pay bills, a role traditionally considered to be men`s. The father is also seen carrying a big feeding bottle, executing a role that traditionally has been assumed to be feminine. As such, the ad focuses on modern families where traditional gender roles have no place. Equality is the order of the day in this generation.
The advert is for Toyota Company. This advert came at a time when Toyota`s image had been badly tainted after it recalled several cars in 2010 due to issues with acceleration and brake pedals. In this advert, Toyota is also trying to make a point that they are still in the market and have the best products to offer to Americans.

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