1. Explain the role of the board of directors and explain how important the relationship is between the board and management.
The head of companies are the life that runs the system of the corporation. They are the board of directors which in both ways take care of the company in all aspects. The board of directors work hand in hand in the service to attain a smooth flow of proceedings in careful planning for the corporation. The board of directors which is headed by the CEO plays a vital role in ensuring the needs and safety of the company in order to give quality service to the clients. The relationship that is embedded within should be established a good rapport to attain unity and respect from each one. The board headed by the chief executive officer should meet at a common goal in developing careful strategies for the good of the company. To give an overview, a CEO or otherwise known as the Chief Executive Officer, is the overseer who manages the entire proceedings of the company. He is the direct contact in all the planning and decision making in the company. The main purpose of a certain company solely depends upon the CEO. His main goal is to ensure that the standards of the corporation have been achieved. The kind of workers or subordinates who are working down under the hierarchy will do their responsibility properly if a great CEO is on the lead to help them.
2. What are the benefits and pitfalls of the CEO being on the board of directors?
Problems are inevitable. They come and go in the company and whether one likes it or not, it becomes visible in all aspects. The role of these directors should have strong support system group that they consolidate effort to find solutions in all dilemmas. The conflicts become extensive when things are not done according to the idea of everyone. They must come up at a common point and interest that as one body they impose or apply these solutions.
Working in public healthcare demands so much and effort that one has to weigh priorities which one would come first. Being part in the big group as the head of directors, personal things should not get on the way as this might impede working relationships.
A lot of CEOs and the rest of high ordered executives are asked regularly to hand out on board of directors. Doing a service in the company as part of the board of directors is a very rewarding skill. The CEO who is the head of the board of directors has the ultimate role in delegating duties to his or her subordinates. Coupled with this responsibility, are the pros and cons that a CEO will be facing along the way. The job that has not been materialized by the group will all be pointed back to the CEO as the overseer of the company. Unto which that the company gets the evaluation if its performance whether the people behind working in this corporation are doing their job or not accurately.
The life of the CEO does not depend mainly on the workload given to him. There could be times that he benefits from experiences gained by working on the people around him. Though to others it may sound a prestigious position but little some people know that it carries a big risk of ensuring the overall safety and needs of the company. A good working relationship will eventually prosper if headed by a great and responsible board of directors in which the CEO stands as their head.

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