Summary and Reflection Essay
What Liberal Media answers the question concerning liberal biases and provides a sharp and convincing evaluation of the truths of political bias as shown in the media or in the news. One reason that media is frequently on guard for liberal biases is the fact that a number of conservatives complain louder and with greater efficiency than liberals do. What Liberal Media shows an understanding of what real news is all about in the past years notwithstanding the fact whether it is a news anchor or a newspaper. What Liberal Media talks about how often media merely follows the orders of a powerful conservative activists as well as pessimistic millionaires. Bernard Goldberg`s Bias, A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News reveals how television news reporting offers liberal bias. Goldberg`s ultimate objective in writing the book is to offer an insight about failures among news to present the position of the liberal on issues. Goldberg emphasizes the need to present differing point of views without judgmentally imposing a tag on the person and favoring the other more. Goldberg also placed emphasis on the heart of biases particularly when discussing major issues such as racism, AIDS, homelessness, the Middle East, and abortion. Goldberg recognizes the reputation of Fox News Channel for its enhanced viewership. The most positive thing about Goldberg`s work is his choice not to have his viewpoint interferes with his professional career as a journalist.
Communication and mass media produced significant contributions in the development of technology and in the advancement of people`s living condition across the globe. It has been considered as a complex, profit-oriented type of organization in order to obtain, gather, analyze and evaluate information for educational and entertainment purposes. Communication and mass media has the power to educate people in terms of cultural diversification and aids in the transmission of knowledge, many people have been victimized because of wrong dissemination of facts causing confusion to the receiver. Although communication and mass media created various positive impacts in human`s activity, there are disadvantages that go with it. Media does not report fairly and does cross the line between reporting the news and creating it. Media can influence or slant voters opinion. Media does not print fairly because it tends to focus on some issues more than others. Although it is not a lie, nonetheless it is not giving fair and equal opportunity for all issues and candidates.
In a New York Times article, Gabriel exposes the behind the scenes of biases in the News. John Dickerson, CBS News`s political director was replying to a colleague and unintentionally posted the reply on Mrs. Bachmann`s Facebook page. The message read “Ok, let`s keep it loose though since she`s (Mrs., Backmann) not going to get many questions and she`s nearly off the charts in the hopes that we can get someone else” (Gabriel). Mrs. Bachmann`s manager believes this is evidence that the media is manipulative. Although this may be a bit vague and lacks research to prove media bias, this behind the scenes slip up is very valuable to the idea that indeed there are biases and manipulation in media. There is a growing concern spreading amongst all in regards to the tilt in the media.
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