Pass Out the Cigars! Pluto is a Papa
Michael Lemonick`s Pass out the Cigars! Pluto is a Papa, talks about the ongoing journey of a spacecraft to Pluto. The spacecraft is expected to arrive at Pluto on July 14, 2015. In 2006, Pluto was no longer considered a fully certified planet after it has been found that its size is merely half the size of the Earth`s moon. From the start of the spacecraft voyage to Pluto, scientists have been monitoring the area surrounding Pluto in order to avoid any impediments. Rings around the planet can damage a probe particularly when it is traversing at a very high speed. On June 28, using the Hubble Space Telescope, Scientists discovered an image that did not present any ring. It was then found out that there is a moon in Pluto. Currently, the moon is known as P4. P4 has a diameter between 8 and 21 miles, thus making it impossible to be viewed from Earth. Scientists created hypotheses stating that Pluto has a moon and Pluto possesses rings from time to time. One thing that scientists were not sure about was the length of time the rings last. The initial hypothesis is attributed to the bombardment of meteorites on Nix and Hydra. The fragments form ice particles and later form rings. When Pluto was bombarded years ago, scientists believe that the four newly discovered moons originated from the impact of meteorites. The International Astronomical Union requires moons to be named after Greek Gods.
This article is an interesting update of what is currently going on in space. When Pluto was downgraded years ago, a lot of students who were highly enthusiastic about Science were saddened. The current voyage of scientists in space is yet to reveal new discovery. Such discovery will certainly deliver added knowledge and interest about astronomy.
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