Confronting Gender Anxiety
The article titled Confronting Gender Anxiety by Rivers and Barnetta (2011) is about a couple in Toronto who is trying to raise a month old baby named Storm. The couple are not sure of the gender of the baby. Kathy Witterick, 38, and David Stocker, 39, do not want to reveal whether their 4-month-old baby, Storm, is a male or a female. They want their child to stay away from the society for their unbending gender of norms. Meanwhile, in Sweden, the Egalia Preschool, the thirty-three kids are addressed as friends. In the same spirit, the school gives up the words “him” and “her” or “she” and “he” replacing them with a newly minted Swedish word. One can empathize with the purpose of the parents in the first case, without endorsing such a fundamental step. A flexible social construct is not the same as gender of the crucial distinction, overlooked by these parents, which tells that biological sex, is a genetic given. Today, boys wear earring and girls play rugby. Further, knowing a child`s gender does not tell whether that child is going to do well in training, or be the class president or excel in math. Egalia`s plan may also be short-sighted. The school is lawfully concerned about the enveloping tendency to fit children into provisional female or male.
The article “Confronting Gender Anxiety” reflects how an individual especially the young ones handles such problem towards oneself. There is a need from the government or an organization to take into account this dilemma which indeed gives fear to an individual as far as the gender is concerned. This anxiety would turn into something helpful to an individual.
Rivers, C. & Barnetta, R. (2011). Confronting Gender Anxiety.

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