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Memo for Information Research
Information gathering involves the use of various primary and secondary
sources. Information is said to be primary if the sources are first-hand
in nature. First-hand information may involve making the observation on
an event. Secondary information is obtained from secondary sources such
as reading from books. Also, extracting information from the library is
a secondary source of information. Primary information does not contain
elements of bias as it is first hand in nature. Secondary information
may be distorted and thus contain a lot of biases. In carrying out a
research for decision making, the information used should be accurate
(List 2002). The information should have a high degree of reliance so as
to give quality results. This essay expounds on effective research using
database materials.
The research time frame is 13th November year two thousand and thirteen.
All the data used are based on the materials from the library.
Guideline Result
Search 1- in the first box types the word computers. How many hits do
you get? 1249386 results
Click Modify Search. Type “computer software” How many hits do you
get? 15391 results
Click Modify Search again and then click Advanced. Type computers in the
first box- Change “Anywhere” to “Document title”. Change
“AND” to “OR”. Type microcomputers in the second box, but change
“Anywhere” to “Abstract” 113867 results
Click onto keywords “Computers AND Software” in the suggested
subjects link at the top. How many hits do you get? 2965 results
Search 2- Click Modify Search again. Click the Publications tab this
time. How many hits do you get? 1663 results
Find Machine Designs publication. Click onto Issues 2010-2013 tab next,
click onto +2012. Click onto December 2012 Issue. What is the volume
number of the December 6 issue? Dec 6, 2012 Vol 84 (19)
Click onto the December 6, 2012 issue. Who wrote the article “Could
gaming revitalize engineering education?’ Teschler, Leland
What is the word count of the article? 595 words
Search 3- Specific Types of Materials- Go back to Advanced Search. Type
the word Computers in the first box and change Anywhere to Document
Title. From the Search Options box select the following – full text
from the date – last 12 months from the source type – scholarly
journals from document type – article from documents features –
illustrations language – English sort results by Relevance. 5
How many results do you get this time? 2014 results
Search 4- Go back to Advanced Search. Type in “Linux”, in the first
box. Leave everything as “Anywhere” and ensure all options in the
Search Options boxes are set at the defaults (uncheck everything). How
many hits do you get? 510 results
In the suggested subjects box at the top, select “Linux AND Open
Source Software.” Now how many hits do you get? 721988
Search for Articles on evacuation from fires
Applied Science and Technology 99
Type fires (with an s) in the first search box and then change “Select
a field (optional)” to Subject(s)
In the section “Search Options”: check the box Full Text. This
ensures that you will only get results back that contain the entire
article, not just an abstract. How many hits do you get? 7511
Refine your search by adding more concepts
Click search Leave fires and Subject (s) in the first boxes, but type
the word evacuation in the second search box, changing select a field to
“TX – All Text Fields”. Select full text from the “limit your
results” option to the left. Click Search- How many hits do you get
now? 718
Leave everything as it is except change evacuation to evacuation or
escape or egress or exit (different words for the same idea)
Click Search, How many hits do you get this time? 2047
Source Types-Find the link for the article titled, “Evaluating the
Human Factor on the Fire Ground”
What number is the article in the listing? 91
Who is the author? In what Journal was that article published? Dunne,
Thomas. Fire Engineering, Jan2013, Vol. 166 Issue 1, p45-54, 5p
Rajagopal Karpurapu
Click on “New Search” at the top of the page. Type Fire Evacuation
in the first box. In the”select a field box drop down box”, select
Title. In the search options, click on Smart Text search mode, full text
publication option, Academic journal option, scholarly peer reviewed
journals box, all document type and use the publication January 2013 to
September 2013. Click Search.
How many articles did you find? 224
What was the name of the Journal which featured the article by Frank
Dempsey? Provide the volume, issue number and date of publication.
Forest Fire Effects on Air Quality in Ontario. Jul2013, Vol. 94 Issue 7,
p1059-1064, 6p
Search for Articles on Building Walls Science Direct-How many hits do
you get? 2061
Type “walls” (in quotes) in the Search Within Results box to the
left. Click Search
Science Direct is a big database, and you got a lot of results in your
search because it was searching the terms in “All Fields”. As you
browse different articles, you’ll see that you can search on very
specific topics or concepts in this database. Click on the article
“Cost Effective Assessment of Insulation Exterior Walls of Residential
Buildings in Cold Climates.” What number is it in the list? 280
In the first box type retain* and also change “All Fields” to
“Abstract, Title, Keywords”. In the second box type wall* and change
“All Fields” to “Abstract, Title, Keywords” there, as well. Then
click the Search button again.
How many hits do you get now?
In the Search within the box to the left, enter “reinforced soil”
(with quotation marks). How many hits do you get?
Who wrote Behavior of geo-synthetic reinforced soil retaining wall
using finite element method and where do they work? Department of Civil
Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India 60003
Richard J. Bathurst
Department of Civil Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada,
Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7K5L0
What number is the article in the listing?
What does the paper demonstrate is required to give accurate
predictions of wall performance? The Paper describes finite element
models, which are used to simulate the behavior of two carefully
constructed, as well as monitored large-scale geosynthetic reinforced
soil retaining walls. The walls were constructed using a dense sand fill
and layers of extensible polymeric (geosynthetic) reinforcement attached
to two very different facing treatments. The model walls were taken to
collapse using a series of uniform surcharge loads applied at the sand
fill surface. The Paper demonstrates that correct modeling of the
dilatant behavior of the sand soil is required to give accurate
predictions of wall performance. A modified form of hyperbolic
constitutive model that includes a dilation parameter is adopted to
model the behavior of the granular soil. Mechanical properties of the
constituent components of the large-scale physical models are
established using standard laboratory tests. The tests include constant
load tests on the polymeric reinforcement from which isochronous
load-strain-time data is developed. The results of analyses show that
the finite element model, constitutive models and implementation
reported in this study can accurately predict all important features of
wall performance.
Click on the Back Arrow two times Click on the Edit this search link.
Scroll down to Date Range and using dropdown key, click on 2012 in the
first box. Click Search. How many hits do you get now? 2061
What is the number of the article: “Power: A New Paradigm for Energy Use
in Sustainable Construction”? 91
When did the article become available online? 6th December, 2002
Intercultural relationships have been fostered by cross-cultural
psychology and the cultural communication. The world being independent
has forced many people to learn the various cultures of the world. A
good inter-cultural relationship fosters trade among the countries, and
this contributes to global peace. The culture of America is the dominant
way of thinking and the behaviors of the Americans. There were ethnic
subcultures that affected the way the people viewed things. The American
culture is dominantly full of middle class families who have status in
the society. Intermarriages led to the development of new cultures in
the world.
List, C. (2002). Information research. Dubuque (Iowa: Kendall Hunt.

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