History- The Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution

History- The Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution
The most significant aspects of history are the political aspects, social aspects, as well as the economic aspects. Under the social aspects, the cultural revolutions and adjustments of beliefs that people hold are considered. Social aspects focus on the interactions and behavior blueprints of the members of the society. Further, the economic activities and sources of livelihoods for individuals are equally significant. Trade and commerce stimulate an improvement of the living standards of the people. Finally, the political aspects describe governance and channels of decision making and allocation of resources. The three aspects determine the route of significant events in the history of nations as revolutions (scientific and French) and the enlightenment.
The visual images of the key proponents of the scientific revolution, the French revolution and the enlightenment were used in the lecture. Further, there were demonstrations of the scientific methods and thinking, which aided and motivated the beginning of the French revolution. There is a strong connection between the revolutions and the enlightenment. Enlightenment facilitates people to think critically and approach life from a rational vantage point. People who are enlightened perceive the world differently, and such people can rise against oppression and inappropriate governance and irrational religious demands.
The topic of the lecture was handled in the most effective way by the professor as the professor unearthed the underlying interconnections between the scientific revolution, enlightenment and the French revolution. The idea of demonstrating the relationships between the historical journey of enlightenment and the revolutions was a top notch, in the lecture. Students can manage to follow the lecture with lots of ease and at the same time generate brilliant questions that facilitate the intellectual growth of the students.
Censer, J.R., (2013) The Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution lecture video.

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