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The development and change in the existing policies can be regarded as a crucial aspect of healthcare promotion. Health policies are aimed at ensuring that citizens have access to the required healthcare services and facilities provided by the government. In this regard, therefore, it is vital to have knowledge of health issues since most of the health policies are based on health knowledge. There exists a strong relationship between healthcare policies and the knowledge of healthcare issues. One of the ways in which these two aspects relate is through the reliance on scientific knowledge. The promotion of healthcare depends largely on traditional scientific knowledge in science. This knowledge can be regarded as crucial as it shapes how effectively health programmes and public policy on healthcare develops. Healthcare knowledge can also be regarded as crucial in determining the medical expertise of healthcare workers (Kronenfeld, 2002).
The relationship between healthcare knowledge and healthcare policy also emanates from the fact that knowledge on health issues determines the effectiveness of healthcare policies. Healthcare knowledge enhances the planning of policies on healthcare. Through this knowledge, it is possible to ensure that healthcare policies focus on pertinent health issues in a population. The other relationship between the two concepts is that healthcare knowledge is pertinent to the prioritizing of issues in a healthcare policy. Knowledge on health issues determines the elements that should be accorded a lot of attention and those which will be given little attention. Healthcare knowledge also enhances the involvement of the public and patients in the development and implementation of health policies. This is crucial since it ensures the opinion of the public is incorporated in healthcare issues as discussed in a health policy (Straus et al, 2013).
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