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Quality improvement is the driving force in every organization including in the health care sector. However, without measuring, one cannot be able to know where to make improvements, or whether improvements have been achieved, hence efforts to improve systems or service delivery must be propelled by reliable data. Data assists an organization to prioritize quality enhancement initiatives besides identifying problems. The method used to collect data as well as the way data is analyzed is an important step in achieving these objectives. Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest health care organizations in the world. Its role in health care can never be undermined. Sunnyside Health Center is part of Kaiser Permanente, and requires continuous assessment of its services and systems to ensure that it lives up to the larger organizational vision. The survey that will be used for this order was obtained from Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). The survey is meant to access customer satisfaction.
Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center is the largest health facility in Clackamas County with 329 licensed beds. Sunnyside is home for Kaiser Permanente`s regional Center for Adult Cancer Care and most non-emergency inpatient surgeries. It has various amenities and services available for patients. It is one of the best care facilities in the County (Kaiser Permanente, n.d).
Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey is targeted to inpatients in the facility. Being the center for most non-emergency surgeries cancer and heart disease care services the survey is likely to be accessed by all types of patients who have been admitted in the facility. Sunnyside has the largest capacity of licensed beds which means most of its clients are inpatients. This survey is thus targeted to this particular group of inpatients.
Consequently, outpatients are not likely to be provided with this survey. It is clearly designed for inpatients.
The survey was designed to collect information regarding patient -physician relationship, patient -staff relationship and the overall experience of a patient during their stay in the facility. Factors such as the cleanliness of the facility, ambience and general interaction with the caregivers and other staff were included. In addition, the survey sought to find out whether the hospital provided follow up services for discharged patients.
In essence, the survey was developed to establish general patient satisfaction with the Sunnyside as a health facility and services offered.
HCAHPS survey is appropriate and valid for this purpose. It is designed by a professional organization which is specialized in research in the healthcare sector. Being designed for patients, the survey is simple to understand, besides being precise. Patients can fill in the survey within a short time (Bowling, 2002).
The survey is a closed ended questionnaire which requires a YES or a NO answer. Analyzing these forms of the survey is not tasking. Information can be analyzed through various techniques including the use of data analysis such as SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).
However, there are some questions in the survey that require a different answer other than a YES or a NO. For example question, number 9 reads: “How often was the area around your room quiet at night?” These types of questions do not offer the respondent a guide on how to answer it. This may present a major challenge for the person analyzing the data, as patients may offer their answers in a variety of ways that may be difficult for the analyzer to classify or code into a uniform spectrum (Bowling, 2002). To avoid this challenge in data analysis, these questions should have been formatted like question number 21. It reads “Using any number from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst hospital possible and 10 is the best hospital possible, what number would you use to rate this hospital during your stay”. This would give the person analyzing the data an ample time.
There are a lot of things that can be learned from the answers provided in the survey. First, the study will reveal physician-patient relationship. Second, the survey will be able to establish the relationship between nurses and patients during their stay in Sunnyside health center. Thirdly, service delivery from the other staff will be established. This staff includes pharmacists, cleaners, cashiers, caterers and social workers. Fourth, the survey is going to answer the question of how the patients perceive the Sunnyside Hospital in terms of appearance, cleanliness, ambience and tranquility. Finally, the hospital will be able to know if clients/patients are satisfied if they can or not recommend someone to the facility.
The answers are likely to facilitate change in the various departments within the organization. It is also likely to change the organizational culture in order to ensure customers are satisfied with the services offered to them. Various improvements might be necessary within the organization depending on the answers provided by respondents. Depending on areas that exhibit weakness in customer satisfaction, the management may decide to hire other professionals or offer training to staff to improve service delivery. Certain answers may also lead to promotion of some members of the staff and rewards to motivate them to serve customers even better.
To improve the survey, I would guide the respondent by providing the answer options so that the he or she can mark the appropriate answers. This will enable the respondent to fill the survey with ease and faster, hence saving the respondents` time (Lighter & Fair, 2004). In addition, this will allow the person analyzing the data to feed the data easily in data analysis software such as SPSS without having to decode answers provided. Ultimately having a closed ended questionnaire is economical and time saving.
To ensure I get the full view of clients, I would allow respondents to comment after the questionnaire on anything they would like improved or changed in the hospital facility.
The survey used by Sunnyside to collect data about inpatient satisfaction is appropriate for the purpose. The survey is easy to administer and analyze information. Information obtained from the survey is of importance to the health facility in various ways. It may help in improving service delivery and enhance customer satisfaction (Armitage, Mackillop, Shaw & Wade, n.d). This can be achieved through reorganizing the various departments, changing the organizational culture, employee motivation through rewards and promotion as well as training. Improvements need to be done to standardize the survey for better results and easy analysis. Ultimately, quality service can only be achieved through obtaining crucial data from clients. The data can then be put into use for improvement of service delivery, hence high performance.
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