Governmental and Political Structure of Austria

Annotated Bibliography
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This book aims at showing the progress of the Haider phenomenon in Austria and examines whether it is common in Europe. It thus describes concisely the structure and politics of Austria.
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The book takes on a historical perspective of the country and describes the political development in the country.
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The journal describes the structure of Austria and other nations in the European Union Member states. The focus is on varied topics that relate to governments one of them being the structure of governance and reforms in the same.
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This journal takes a historical perspective in its coverage of the developments in Austria and Lithuania. From this it describes the structure of government in both states.
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The website contains general information on the government structure. The article offers a simple description of the political system in Austria thus highlighting its major characteristics.
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This website contains information for people who are interested in understanding Austria. Part of the website provides information about the government structure of the nation. The political systems are highlighted plus other aspects that relate to the same including the legal and administrative systems.
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This website covers information about the structure of the Austrian government including the executive, judiciary and legislative arms of the government. Moreover, it outlines the roles that the government plays in the development of policies and other issues related to the development of the nation.

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