Fear of Crime Fear of Crime

In the recent past, the fear of crime has turned to be one of the most crucial aspects of public concern, and it is a problem which has significantly affected the quality of life as well as the economic and social well-being of man y people across the world. The increased levels of international terrorism as witnessed in countries such as 9/11 in the US, Mumbai bombing and others in the Middle East have all raised fear of crime In this regard, reducing the fear of crime has become one of the main goals of law enforcers such as police and government agencies and departments (Miller, Hess & Orthmann, 2011). The section below indicates the strategies which can be adopted by these law enforcers with an aim of reducing fear of crime.
One of the strategies is coordinating community policing. The strategy can help in addressing several causes of fear such as lack of information, bridging the gap between police and ordinary citizens among others. This strategy can be attained through offering neighborhood newsletters and developing a police-citizen contact program. Law enforcers can also be re-contacting crime victims. This way, the victims can acquire the much needed assurance that, their plight is being looked into. Further, the victims can be able to give the law enforcers such as the police more information which can be used to curb crime (Miller, Hess & Orthmann, 2011). The other strategy is through environmental design.
This can be attained through modification of particular areas of built environment such as street lighting, erecting sign posts on those areas which are crime prone (Pate, Wycoff, Skogan and Sherman, n.d). Other notable strategies include improvement of information technologies, co-productivity safety, developing CORT (Community Organizing Response Team) among others (Grabosky, 1994).
As seen above, there is the need to improve security in all parts of the world, thus reducing fear of crime.
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