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One of my favorite films is Julius Caesar. The film opens when Julius
Caesar returning to Rome following the defeat of the sons of Pompey in
battle. This victory makes him a rock star in Rome thus people have
abandoned their work to celebrate his triumphant return. This has made
the high ranking people in Rome to become nervous because they are
threatened by his raising power thus they huddle together and plan to
kill him and finally succeed in their plans.
The movie qualifies in my list of favorite films due to the tragic
aspect, which results in the death of chief character. The death Julius
Caesar is a tragedy since he is the main character. This has left the
viewers with suspense on what will happen as a result of this. In
addition, conspiracy is portrayed very well in this film i.e. Caesar
friends are the ones on the first line to murder him. The end of the
film is also very interesting because all those who were involved in the
murder of Caesar end up killing themselves mysteriously. This film is
also very educative since it teaches us not to trust everybody who calls
themselves our friends.
The second film that I like is Macbeth. This is a story where the main
character i.e. Macbeth is given a prophecy by witches that he will be a
king. This made him kill the current king, and as a result, he was
declared the king. However, his kingship did not last long because when
the lords of the kingdom discovered what he had done they vowed to
avenge the king’s murder and they gang up together and succeed in
killing Macbeth. This film is also a tragedy story since the main
character dies. It also teaches on the evil of consulting witches since
they can be very misleading.
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