Teacher Working Experience
During my employment as a teacher in both zaynab bent khzyma and Dutch school, I gained extensive experience and teaching skills that sharpened my ability to deliver improved services to my students. I learnt how to prepare as well as present quality and competent lessons, which enhanced the students` ability to learn languages contextual. Teaching for three years in a busy school provided me with an ample time to learn and understand languages` practical dimensions through practice and observation. Various discussions and questions from students encouraged development of creativity and ability to generate innovative ideas. Such challenges created a favorable environment for growth in the teaching career and a chance to reflect on the work outcome (Geffner, 2007).
In addition, I developed considerable awareness of the roles and responsibilities that teachers should play. The knowledge motivated me to deliver improved services and thus gained additional skills. In Dutch school, I used to teach English lessons in the morning when students` mind were fresh. The session took two hours between 0800-1000 Hours every day. The time was strategically set to enhance understanding and competency in language classes (Stewart, 2012).
The experience helped me build skills to encourage students` participation in all the school activities both in and out of class. My extensive experience placed me in a favorable situation to learn how to apply the knowledge I gained in school (Williamson, 2011). I can now deliver quality services in both elementary and intermediate level schools, in any learning institution. I now feel dedicated and determined to assist all the students improve and perfect their performance in order to become better people in the future. This was possible through learning how to attract students` attention and ensure that they remain attentive during the teaching session.
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